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Pure Zero X2 Purple

Pure Glass Zero X2 Bong Purple 5mm

- Height:  52 cm / 20.5" 
- Size: 50mm
- Thickness: 5mm
- Fitting: 18mm
- Colour: Purple
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Pure Glass Zero X2 Bong Purple (5mm) 52cm ~ Detachable freezable X2 coil. Include detachable inline ashcatcher with pure 14mm bowl. Zero Degree, the innovative freezable line by Pure Glass. The Zero Degree X2 is the PURE TEAM developed the freezable coil system, to rapidly cool down the smoke and ensure the pleasure of smoking without the hassle or mess of ice.

- Height:  52 cm / 20.5" 
- Size: 50mm
- Thickness: 5mm
- Fitting: 18mm
- Colour: Purple




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