Wood Chillum

Wood Chillum

Wood Chillum ~ Light in weight and simple in design, but with an excellent effect. This handmade wooden chillum has a length of 19 cm and a weight of 36 grams.


Size: 19cm / 7.5"



Wood Chillum 19cm ~ Simple designed chillum but with great effects for the ultimate high. The conical pipe is made of hardwood and has a black color. With a length of 19 cm and a diameter of 2.5 cm this wooden piece is a beloved smoking pipe for those who want to consume their marijuana or hashish in the traditional way.


Respect to Lord Shiva

Like the holy men of India and Nepal, called sadhus, before you start smoking you can show your gratitude and respect to Lord Shiva and share this chillum of wood with your friends. Remember do not forget to say "Bom Shiva" or "Boom Shankar" before you spark the sacred Chilam. As thanks you will receive a solid high.

Way of smoking

This has mainly to do with the way in which this type of smoking pipe is smoked. An ordinary piece is consumed in a horizontal position, but this type will be held vertically while smoking. The grip is performed in a special and traditional way in which the chillum is clamped between the fingers or between the thumb and the palm of your hand.

Sifa cloth for filtering and cooling

While the chillum is clamped in one hand, fold the other hand around it like a bowl, so that a smoke chamber excist. Now you can suck through an opening of the self-formed chamber and the smoke will directly enter the throat. This way of smoking ensures that it will hit you good. For filtering and cooling can you possibly wrap a moistened cloth around the chillum, a so called safi.

Extra details

  • Size: 19cm / 7.5"
  • Diameter Ø: 2.5cm / 1"
  • Weight: 36 gr.
  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Black
  • Design: Plain


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