Medical Marijuana and Medical Cannabis Oil

Medical marijuana is taking a more important place in our lives. Both by the positive results of scientific studies and by personal experiences. More and more countries are relaxing their laws and allow the use of medical marijuana, whether it is on prescription or not.

Rick Simpson oil

In America, the Canadian Rick Simpson obtained great popularity by extracting a THC-rich oily substance from marijuana. He uses Indica dominate marjuana strains and extracts high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids present in the plant material.
People with all kinds of serious illnesses are spreading this cannabis oil under the tongue or on the gums. Since THC has psychoactive effects, it is not legal in the Netherlands and most other countries.

Mediwiet Foundation

Wernard Bruining, from the Mediwiet (Medical Weed) Foundation, studied the method of Rick Simpson and figured that if he would dilute the medicinal cannabis oil 3x (or even 5x) with olive oil, it would be suitable for more people. Surely not everyone appreciates the psychoactive effects of cannabis and or being stoned.
Wernard also developed a simple and safe method to use a small amount of alcohol with items that you can easily buy. The cannabis oil is not so pure and bright than when using butane gas for oil intended for recreational use, but it is very suitable for medicinal purposes.

Patients positive about medical weed oil

Wernard Bruining proved this in his book Medical Cannabis Oil, in which he gives a clear explanation of the prohibited drug, in which he explains the preparation of cannabis oil and in which he allows patients ,who benefited from cannabis oil, to speak about the use of cannabis oil.

Buying CBD oil products and equipment

Cannabidiol is not psychoactive and therefore you do not experience any stoned or high feeling, both the CBD oil and hemp seed oil+ are legally for sale at Heath Shop Apollyon.
Because of the very wide range of CBD oil products, choosing the right oil can be difficult. On the page: Buying Cannabis Oil you can find helpful information.

Pure dried hemp with high level of CBD

It is now possible to buy a high content of CBD. With these pure dried hemp buds and leaves you can make your own oil, you can make tea, or take a bath with it. which you can make yourself oil or teacan put a nice relaxing bath or take away. This readymade hemp is extremely healthy for our body and it has powerful features. You can buy this 100% organic hemp here ---> CBD-rich Hemp

Buy medical cannabis oil, CBD oil and tools

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What is medical cannabis oil?

Medical cannabis oil is extracted, with the use of alcohol, from all parts of the marijuana plant, not just the buds. The alcohol dissolves the trichomes (hash crystals) of the whole plant. Afterwards the alcohol is heated again in order to evaporate. The oil which remains is diluted with olive oil and poured into a dropper bottle.

CBD oil (Golyoli)

Another type of medicinal cannabis oil that is available is CBD oil. This CBD oil, also called Goyoli, is derived from cannabis plants with low THC (hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC) but a high CBD content.  This allows for a medicinal effect without the side effect of being stoned or high.

Hemp seed oil

Besides hash- or cannabis oil, medical cannabis oil and CBD oil you also have hemp seed oil. This oil is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant (which contains less than 0.3% THC) and is not the same as the hash oil and medical weed oil which is retrieved from the potent marijuana plant. It isn't the same either as CBD oil which is retrieved from the entire cannabis (hemp) plant.
Hemp seed oil is not psychoactive, but on the other hand is very healthy for our body and helps to keep our immune system in balance. You can say that hemp seed oil works as a preventive on medical level, it makes you healthier and fitter.
Hemp seed oil is fully packed with omega 3 Omga 6 and omega 9 fatty acids and in addition large amounts of healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates, a large number of vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, iodine and vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6.
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Hemp seed oil+

THC (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are known to have a beneficial effect in many diseases and ailments, but because the hemp plants do not contain a constant value of THC and CBD, some plants are far below the 0.2% threshold, Medical Cannabis Foundation manufactured Hemp Seed Oil+.
Hemp seed oil+ is a combination of hemp seed oil and cannabis oil with a constant value of THC and CBD, but the THC remains under the statutory 0.3%, making it completely legally available in both Medical Weed Foundation as Headshop & Smartshop Apollyon.
Because of the added THC and CBD the hemp seed oil+ also possesses medical effects, but to a lesser extent than the medical cannabis oil. When using medical cannabis oil and hemp seed oil+, the hemp seed oil+ is creating a base layer of THC and CBD, whereby you simply need  to use less medical weed oil.

Applications for medical marijuana

Medical cannabis may be prescribed for lots of ailments and diseases and the list is getting longer. The effects of cannabis has achieved positive results in include migraine, bipolar disorder, ADHD, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, asthma, borderline, depression, eczema, autism, epilepsy, glaucoma, pain, different types of cancers , such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, etc.

How to use medical cannabis oil and CBD oil?

The use of medical cannabis oil and the CBD oil is very simple. All you have to do is drop 1-3 cannabis oil drops under  the tongue and within 10 to 15 minutes you will gain the beneficial effects of marijuana. Depending on the severity of the disease and how your body reacts to the cannabis oil, you can build up to  4 times 1-3 drops per day.
For skin ailments, skin diseases or skin cancer the medical marijuana oil can be treated on the outside of the body without any need to be taken orally.

Are medical cannabis oil and CBD oil safe to use?

Cannabis, medical cannabis oil and CBD oil are safe to use. Cannabis has been used for 10,000 years and all these years no one has ever died from the use of cannabis. Cannabis and medical cannabis oil are not addictive and can be stopped at any time using them. Cannabis and medical cannabis oil don't cause a stepping stone effect, which means that it is no easy step to hard drugs such as cocaine.
Marijuana, medical cannabis oil and CBD oil do not cause any nasty side effects. A side effect of marijuana is that it can promote sleep, which is very helpful for a faster healing.
Marijuana does not cause brain damage and even though this is claimed for years, recent studies indicate that marijuana can regeneate brain cells after brain injury and marijuana can be used medicinally in Alzheimer's disease.

Medical Cannabis oil and a vaporizer?

The advantage of medical cannabis oil to drop under your tongue over the use of a vaporizer is that you can dose it better. Moreover, the medical cannabis oil  from the Medical Cannabis Foundation is not really suited for smoking and evaporation as due to the mixture with olive oil a lot of chlorophyll is dissolved.  
However, there are also advantages with reference to the use of a vaporizer compared to a drop under the tongue. A vaporizer forces you to get a rest moment in an already very busy day. It creates a stress-relieving time of the day. Stress causes and/or exacerbates all kinds of diseases and ailments and to de-stress is very important for every person.
So if you decide to use a vaporizer, it is advisable to use the cannabis oil using the method with butane gas. Thus without mixing with olive oil or instead of the use medical cannabis oil to use the buds in the vaporizer.
NOTE: The preparation of cannabis / hash oil with butane must at all times be done outside!

What kind of weed is the best choice?

What kind of weed the best choice will be for your illness or disease, is not easy to determine. Withn sleeping disorder, with pain (for example neuromuscular diseases) the so-called Indica species are ideally suited. These types have a higher CBD (Cannabidiol) content than the Sativas species who just have a higher THC content.
With depressions, a Sativa strain once again will be more suitable because of the cheerful and happy feeling which these weed strains give you. With most diseases and ailments it is actually very important that the patient is in good rest and sleeps a lot. So overall, the Indica strains are the best choice.
Indica strains make you sluggish and tired and make your muscles relax easier. You will fall asleep faster and more easily. The indica weed strains differ again from each other and each type has its own characteristics. It is often tested which strain works most beneficial.
Medical cannabis oil for adults, children and animals
Due to the fact medical cannabis oil can be diluted 5 or10 times, it can be used safely without the psychoactive effects. Also children can benefit from it. At the moment the youngest patient at the Medical Cannabis Foundation  is 7 years.
A wonderful story
That medical cannabis oil also can be beneficial for dogs I discovered myself.  Since February 2013 our little dog suddenly got back the seizures she did not have for 4.5 years. The story of our dog is very special.
Doctors gave her up,  5.5 years after her birth, and they could be of no more help. She did not have the ability to stay warm, could not eat or drink herself and had hypo attacks on a regular base. I took care of her and gave her for the next three months, every hour, day and night, liquid food and fluids through a syringe into her mouth. Not feeding her every hour meant another attack.
Miraculously, she made it. The hypo attacks disappeared, but were by now passed into seizures of the worst format. After about one year, the seizures disappeared, and she lived all those years a carefree and cheerful life. Always happy and energetic!
Until February of this year. Out of nowhere the seizures came back and also on a very regular base. Sometimes even 2 times in a row, several times a week. Longer than a week no attack was simply not possible and you saw her deteriorate further day by day. After an attack she was often completely lost and she was exhausted and short of breath.
Walking became also difficult by its already weak knees and hips, but now she started falling through her knees and literally waddled back and forth. I was afraid that she did not make it into the summer. Medications from the veterinarian I preferred not to give because that can cause weight gain and it would even make walking more difficult or even impossible. 
My thoughts went out to the medical cannabis oil, but at the same time I was a bit hesitant, because the dog is extremely small and I did not know how it would affect dogs and certainly not on such a small dog. I had tried everything to make it disappear or reduce in any case and gave her every day balanced fresh meat, but to no avail. The attacks kept coming.
Cannabis oil cures epilepsy dog Cannabis oil cures epilepsy dog Cannabis oil cures epilepsy dog
Medical cannabis oil for the dog
Friday, the 7th of June around midnight,  she had an epileptic seizure and the next day at 7 o'clock in the morning a second attack. That same afternoon, as if it had to be this way, a sample bottle of cannabis oil was on the doormat. The one I wanted to test myself and therefore received from the Medical Cannabis Foundation. 
My choice was not difficult anymore and gave her the first, tiny drop that same night. You almost can call it a drop, rather a small stain of cannabis oil on a small piece of cheese. This I give her every night and to this day, July the 5th  2013, so 4 weeks after the first drop, she has had no attack. 
Unexpectedly medical cannabis oil also turned out to have a beneficial effect on her hips and knees and I was surprised when she suddenly walked a lot longer than usual, even without me to rest halfway. She seems to be fitter again.
It is too early to say how this story is going to end. But no attacks for the last 4 weeks is for me, in any case, already a victory and for the dog a huge relief.
We are at the end of the year 2013 and our special dog still gets daily medicinal cannabis oil treatments. On one occasion, I had a different composition (ratio of THC and CBD content) of cannabis oil and, after using this cannabis oil, she had two seizures within 12 hours.
We drove directly to the Medical Cannabis Foundation and picked up the right cannabis oil, happily keeping the seizures away, or at least as good as gone. One time, I forgot to give her the cannabis oil, and that resulted in an attack a day later.
She has had two attacks by inexplicable reason. But the difference in frequency of attacks before and after the cannabis oil is remarkably high. She has gone from multiple seizures a week to a few attacks in just six months time!
More benefits of cannabis
Here's more. Her health seems to have gone forward in steps and there is progress. Many positive effects are noticeable. Barking normally was always challenge for her. Instead of a healthy bark, she sounded more like a squeeky toy when you squeeze it.
The cute bark she had before was lost, around when the seizures started. Though we wanted to get sound from her, it wasn't possible, her barks were silent. Whether it was fixed due to using the hemp seed oil or the medical cannabis oil, I can not determine conclusively, but every day I give her a mix of fresh meat with hemp seed oil and a droplet of cannabis oil.  And, now, her bark is back, it's a fact!
On to Summer 2014
In February 2013 , when the seizures began, I feared for the life of my dog and was afraid she would not make it to the summer. Thanks to the medical cannabis oil, she has now nearly reached the winter. Our next goal is to reach summer 2014.
Information on this website should not be considered as a substitute for a consultation or treatment at a doctor!
All information has been compiled with great care. The aim is to keep the information up-to-date. However Headshop Apollyon is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of any information provided herein or the change without consulting a doctor, stopping or changing treatment.


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