Making medicinal cannabis oil in 15 easy steps

A fast, safe and easy way to make your own medicinal cannabis oil in your own kitchen, developed by Wernard Bruining from the Medical Weed Foundation.
Necessary material to make medicinal cannabis oil
To make medical cannabis oil you need the material specified below. With the exception of the dry weed you can buy all parts or complete sets at Headshop Apollyon. Take a look in our cannabis seeds section if you like to grow your own weed.
  •  15 gr dry weed tops or cutting waste
  •  Alcohol suited for consumption (preferable 94% or higher)
  •  Air pump with silicon tube (model fat tube)
  •  Small aluminum pipe compatible with the tube ( 8mm )
  •  Panty socks
  •  Bottle heater
  •  Glass baby bottle
  •  Big glass jar
  •  (Biological) olive oil
  •  Accurate scale
  •  Dessert spoon
  •  Pipette bottle 10cc
  •  Injection needle without the needle
  •  Easy funnel
The method of preparation medical cannabis oil
An extensive method of preparation in which 15 easy steps explain how to make your own medical cannabis oil is found at the bottom of this page.
Do you prefer to buy the CBD oil or medical cannabis oil, please follow this CBD oil link >>>CBD Oil<<<
Do you want to buy the medical cannabis oil, please follow the following link >>> Medical Cannabis Oil<<<
Product 1 to 17 (of 17 products)  Result: 1
Product 1 to 17 (of 17 products)  Result: 1
What is medical cannabis oil
Cannabis oil is extracted from the marijuana plant by extracting with alcohol. The alcohol attaches to the sticky hairs of whole cannabis plant which are called trichomes. The trichomes contain THC and CBD. The alcohol also dissolves the chlorofyl of the cannabis plant which resolves in a green colour alcohol.
The green alcohol now contains all the trichomes and has pure THC. The alcohol is heated so it vaporizes and it is done to harvest all trichomes. What remains is a dark green oil with a very high level of THC.
Medicinal cannabis oil without getting stoned
To make this cannabis oil into a suitable medicine for everyone the cannabis oil is diluted five or even ten times with olive oil. The ratio becomes 1 part cannabis oil on 5 parts olive oil. Not everybody wants to experience a stoned or high feeling that is caused by THC. You can dose with more precision by this dilution and the stoned or high effect is avoided. The medicinal effect is still preserved.
This oil is now not longer usable for recreational use because of the dilution of the cannabis oil with olive oil and the dissolving of the chlorofyl. The flavour is damaged so the weed oil isn’t nice to smoke or vaporize.
For recreational use the weed is far less dipped in alcohol or the oil is gained by cold extraction. Another way to gain the oil is by using butane gas instead of the alcohol to reach a extreme pure oil without chlolofyl.
Why olive oil to dilute the cannabis oil?
Of course other oils can be used to dilute the cannabis oil such as hennep seed oil, coconut oil or walnut oil but olive oil is preferred.
Hennep seed oil is extremely healthy and keeps your immune system perfectly balanced but olive oil is much more long lasting so cannabis oil diluted with olive oil can easily conserved in a fridge for a year.
Walnut oil can cause an allergic reaction to people with a nut allergy or to those people who are allergic to earth oil products. That is why the medicinal weed oil is diluted with olive oil but all is adaptable to your own preferences.
The right alcohol
The right alcohol must be used to make the cannbis oil and the right alcohol is the alcohol suitable for consumtion which is called ethanol or ethylalcohol. The best is the most pure alcohol with a high alcohol content with a minimum of 94%. You can use vodka or rum but the vaporizing process will take far longer because both contains 50% water. Besides sugars and flavours are added in vodka or rum.
The method of preparation medical cannabis oil 
Below you find 15 easy steps to make your own medical cannabis oil. It is fast, easy and safe!
Step 1: Measure out 15 gr of dry and fine ground weed on an accurate scale
Step 2: Take the panty sock and put the opening of the sock over de glass jar and put the weed in the sock
Step 3: Remove the panty sock of the glass jar and button up. Put a second panty sock over it for extra filtration and button it up too.
Step 4: Put the panty sock with weed in the glass jar and fill the jar with alcohol just to the amount that the sock is completely submerged.
Step 5: Let the sock with weed soak for 10 min in the jar with alcohol and shake the jar or give it a good stir once in a while.
Step 6: Pour the alcohol that turned green with help of the funnel in the glass baby bottle. Plastic bottles are damaged by alcohol so they are less suitable to use.
Step 7: After you cut off the top of the tip of the dummy screw the cap with dummy on to the bottle. Fill the baby bottle heater with a small amount of water and put the baby bottle in the bottle heater.
Step 8: Take the aluminum pin and put it in the silicon tube that is attached to the air pump. Put the aluminum pin trough the hole of the dummy of the baby bottle.
Step 9: Turn on the air pump and put the baby bottle heater on the highest level.
Step 10: Create a good ventilation on the place you work by turning on the ventilator. The most alcohol is vaporized in about an hour.
Step 11: If necessary fill the baby bottle with alcohol a several more times to flush thru the weed sock. You can flush thru a several times.
Step 12: After a few hours all alcohol is vaporized and you will see the cannabis oil at the side and on the bottom of the baby bottle.
Step 13: Fill the pipette with olive oil and pour it in the baby bottle with the cannabis oil
Step 14: Scrape the cannabis oil with the dessert spoon of the side and of the bottom of the baby bottle and mix it with the olive oil. Stir the mix while it is still in the bottle heater for 5 minutes until the cannabis oil dissolves in the olive oil
Step 15: place a funnel in the pipette bottle and pour the cannabis oil in. You now have made your own medicinal cannabis oil and you can try to fight and reduce many diseases and illnesses.
The cannabis oil is 5 times diluted with this method but of course you can determine your own strength. You can view all these steps one by one in the next video which is made by the Medical Weed Foundation (only available in Dutch language, but it's easy to follow).
Information on this website should not be considered as a substitute for a consultation or treatment at a doctor!
All information has been compiled with great care. The aim is to keep the information up-to-date. However Headshop Apollyon is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of any information provided herein or the change without consulting a doctor, stopping or changing treatment.


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