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Kratom Thai Powder 10gr

  • Kratom leaves from Thailand provide a somewhat more energetic feeling than the other species
  • Smaller amounts generally act as a stimulant, while at higher doses the soothing and sedative characteristics dominate
  • Kratom as powder can be mixed with water, fruit juice, or be made into tea
  • Always use kratom under safe conditions
  • Content: 10 grams
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Kratom Thai Powder 10 gr

The Thai kratom is known for generally providing a little more energetic and stimulating feelings and a little less euphoria than other species of kratom.

This package contains 10 grams of dried kratom leaves, which have been ground into powder. You can mix your dose with water and drink it, or you can on occasion make yourself comfortable and enrich your kratom-experience with a bit of extra class: mix it with your favourite smoothie, fruit juice or milkshake. This will hide the bitter taste and you will enjoy your kratom-session with a drink to your own liking.

Tips for responsible usage of kratom

Always use kratom in safe conditions, In other words not in traffic or in combination with other substances like alcohol, cannabis or drugs.

Kratom is legal in the Netherlands, but not in many other countries. It is your own responsibility to check if kratom is legal in the country you live in, if you are ordering from outside of the Netherlands.

General guidelines for dosing kratom

  • 2 to 5 grams act as stimulant with most species
  • 5 grams and a few grams more, act as sedative with most species

Be careful with high doses and always start off with a lower dose. As you can always raise your dose in the mean time. The effects of kratom kick in after about 10 minutes and on average last for 5 – 6 hours. As soon as effects become noticeable, you have reached the dose that works for you.

Shipping restrictions

Always make sure the product you ordered is legal in the country in which you live or reside. We unfortunately can not ship this product to Australia, Finland, Norway and Thailand.

More information

Frequently mentioned effects
Energetic, euphoric in low doses
Suitable for
Starters and experienced users
Active ingredients
Mitragynine and many others

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