Jiksu Q6-Color 4 Double E-Cigarette

Jiksu Q6-Color 4 Double E-Cigarette Travelkit ~ Jiksu Q6-Color 4 Double Travelkit offers a sublime composition of optimal electronic smoking pleasure, packed in an elegant travel case! Efficient and simple in use!

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Jiksu Q6-Color 4 Double E-Cigarette Travelkit ~ Jiksu Q6-Color 4 Double Travelkit contains two e-cigarettes that perfectly combines the luxurious charisma with the electronic fun of smoking. The e-cigarettes are kept in a elegant travel pouch.

Effective and simpel
The Jiksu e-cigarettes of this travelkit are easy in use and have a effective effect. The e-smoker contains two e-cigarettes, a luxurious travel pouch, a battery, a mouthpiece and a heatingelement (aka vaporizer/atomizer or clearomizer).
The e-cigarette produces a fume instead of a smoke with a traditional cigarette. So there is no harmful combustion with the e-cigarettes. You can determine the wanted flavor of the fume by using e-liquids. The e-liquids are available with and without nicotine furthermore you can define the amount of nicotine. That is the reason why this e-cigarettes are highly suitable if you want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.
5-click security battery
The Jiksu Q-Color Double Travelkit has two 5-click security batteries. To unlock the security of the battery you will have to press a button on each battery 5 times within a timeframe of 1,5 seconds.
To lock the battery you need the same procedure as to unlock the battery. By locking the e-cigarette you prevent children to use the e-cigarette and you prevent unnecessary draining of the battery. If you press the battery button 5 times the light of the battery will blink 3 times.
You need to screw the clearomizer of the battery to refill the e-cigarette from Jiksu Q-Color Double Travelkit. Then the mouthpiece need to be removed. Warning: it is very important to refill the e-liquid on the side of the mouthpiece and never on the side of the battery!!! It can cause harmful damages to the e-cigarette if you refill on the battery side.
The clearomizer may never be refilled more than 50% (1,2ml). It is subscribed clearly on the side of the clearomizer. The e-cigarette will not function properly if you refill over 50% and a risk of leaking will arise. The clearomizer will give the best result after some use.
The Jiksu Q-Color Double Travelkit is a closed system which means that the clearomizer is one piece. The entire clearomizer needs to be replaced if one part is worn out.
Tips for refilling the clearomizer
- Moisterize the rubber with e-liquid
- Refill clearomizer on the mouthpiece side
- Refill up to 50% (1,2ml) with e-liquid
- Never refill over 50% (1,2ml) to prevent leaking
- 2 x Batterij 650 mAh with 5-click on / off security 
- 2 x Empty CE4 Plus vaporizer Transparante Clearomizer 
- 1 x USB-fast charging cable
- 1 x 220-240V Euro plug with USB 
- 1 x Carry Case/ travel pouch 
- 1 x Manual


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