Hemp Pancake - Vegan

Hemp Pancake - Vegan

Hemp Pancake - Vegan ~ All from certified organic cultivation


Content: 200g.



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Hemp Pancake - Vegan ~ All from certified organic cultivation



Stir the packet contents with 220 ml water and allow to swell for 10 minutes. Stir once more and prepare:



Rissoles heat a little vegetable oil in a (coated) frying pan and add tablespoon-sized portions of the mass to make flat burgers. Fry the burgers on both sides under medium heat until golden brown.Variation: subsequently grill topped with cheese.

Falaffel form small Falaffel-Balls from the mass and deep fry in hot fat (chip pan).



heat oil in a frying pan and distribute the mass to make pancake (not to thin). Fry on both sides. Serve with spicy quark and steamed vegetables.



- black-eyed peas
- onions, hempseed flour
- dehulled hemp seeds
- parsley
- salt
- spices
- grape pips

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