Hemp Perfume - Essential Hemp Flower Oil

All perfumes, including hemp perfume, consist of a blend of various pleasantly scented terpenes in a solvent like alcohol or fatty substances. Because a perfume is composed of various odor notes the scent will smell differently after application than when the fragrance is on the skin for a while.


Fragrance is different for everyone

The so called top notes include the aromas that are most prevalent in the first few minutes after application. After the scented top notes are gone you can smell the true flavor of the perfume, which is distributed through the heart notes. The type of skin or the acidity level, also referred to as pH-value. can also influence the smell of a perfume. Therefore, the fragrance will smell different on each person.

Pleasant smell of hemp plants

The scent of the perfumed hemp flower oil cannot compared with the strong smelling marijuana buds. Instead, the very subtle aroma of the flowers of the non psychoactive hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L.) are released.


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      Hennepzaadolie plus CBD

Hennepzaadolie plus CBD

Aanvullend bij gebruik van CBD olie.

CBD Olie

      CBD Olie Online Kopen

CBD Olie Druppels

Vloeibare CBD olie in druppel flesjes.

Pure CBD / Olie Pasta

     Pure CBD Olie Pasta Kopen

Pure CBD Olie / Pasta

Dikke pasta-achtige CBD olie in spuiten en potjes.

CBD Hennep

      CBD Hennep Kopen

Gedroogde CBD-rijke Hennep

De basis / grondstof van CBD olie. Geschikt voor vele doeleinden.

Cannabisc Olie Maken

      Cannabis Olie Zelfmaak Set

Cannabis Olie Zelfmaak Set

Zelf eenvoudig cannabis olie maken met een complete set.

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