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Healthshop Apollyon

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  1. CBD Line premium
    CBD Line premium
     €29.95 €26.96
  2. Limonene Terpene
    Limonene Terpene
     €9.95 €8.96
  3. Camphor Terpene
    Camphor Terpene
     €12.95 €11.66
  4. CBD Oil Premium
    CBD Oil Premium
     €49.95 €44.96
  5. Humulene Terpene Oil
    Humulene Terpene Oil
     €9.95 €8.96
  6. Hops
     €4.95 €4.45
  7. Eucalyptol Terpene Oil
    Eucalyptol Terpene Oil
     €9.95 €8.96
  8. Myrcene Terpene Oil
    Myrcene Terpene Oil
     €9.95 €8.96
  9. Cannabis Energy Drink 3x
    Cannabis Energy Drink 3x
     €4.00 €3.60

Items 1-12 of 259

12 24 36

Healthshop Apollyon: everything for a healthy mind

In the Apollyon healthshop you can find various products for a healthy mind. In today's hectic life it will do you no harm to relax every now and again and give yourself a little extra treat. In our comprehensive product range you will find, among other things, the following products:


CBD is the familiar abbreviation for the substance cannabidiol, which is also found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD however is not psychoactive and will not cause any stoned or high effect. In our healthshop we have CBD products of varying concentrations and in different forms, including oils and pastes. All CBD products in our healthshop are 100% organic and made from EU-certified hemp plants.


Hemp is known as the most versatile plant in the world and can be used for various purposes. To both human and animal hemp can be valuable as well. In our healthshop you will find hemp care products, which do not have any unwanted side effects. This means you can optimally enjoy the health promoting effect of hemp.

Healing Herbs

In the healthshop you can find various healing herbs. These herbs and spices are very beneficial and can be health promoting. The herbs can be a good supplement with the ingestion of CBD oil.

Terpene shop

Terpenes are available to buy online in our healthshop. These aromatic substances occur in a good many plant species and in the cannabis plant as well. In our product range we carry both pure terpene isolates as complete terpene profiles from recreational weed strains.

Order easily and quickly in the Healthshop

All products from our online healthshop are ordered simply and quickly. You benefit from a number of advantages: • Ordered before 16:00, shipped on the same day • Largest selection of products in the Benelux • Free shipping for any order above 49 euro • Order safely with the secure payment process • Discretely shipped

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