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Hemp Tea

Hemp Tea - 100% Organic tea from beneficial hemp leaves!

Discover the marvellous taste sensation of tea made from the beneficial hemp plant. Hemp tea contains little to no THC and therefore does not give you a stoned or high feeling.

On the other hand hemp products are however of great benefit to our body and are on top of that very friendly to our environment!

Derived from 100% organic hemp cultivation

Headshop Apollyon supports the beneficial hemp plant and has an extensive choice of hemp products in their product range.

For instance we have an extensive choice of hemp teas, derived from 100% organically grown hemp plants, which are available for purchase on this page. 

Hemp tea in various surprising flavours

In the Healthshop of Apollyon you have the choice of several flavour varieties, like for instance hemp tea with elderflower, hemp tea with black berries or hemp tea with nettle!

Our hemp tea comes from the German organic quality brand Hänf Natur, specialised since 1998 in various foodstuffs made from organic hemp.

You order your favourite hemp tea safely and quickly in our online Healthshop!

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