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Hemp Candy

Hemp Candy is delicious too!

Oke, oke, we did not forget the big sweet tooth who wants to nicely indulge now and again and who just wants to eat a sweet snack without too much fuss.

Check out our popular hash and weed lollipops. No, unfortunately they do not contain any real weed or hash, that is still against the law in our little country which is beginning to lag pretty far behind the rest of the world.

Sweets with hemp flavour

Anyway, without any fuss we can find hash and weed lollipops without THC, but with the heavenly taste of our beloved cannabis plant in our hemp candy section. And wonderfully sweet and unhealthy, but so very tasty!

For the lover of cannabis who likes to snack as well

As for instance cotton candy with hemp taste is for sale in our hemp candy section as well, not on an inconvenient little stick, but simply in an ordinary cup.

Without any fuss, just simply enjoy what Headshop Apollyon has to offer!

Suitable for every fan that likes cannabis candy and can't get enough of the popular plant.

Simply order your favourite type of candy online at Apollyon!

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