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Hemp Root Therapy

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Hemp Root Therapy, get to the root of the problem!

Hemp is known as a versatile plant with medicinal properties. Cannabis has both a great medicinal as an economic value and ever more beauty- and medicinal products containing this beneficial plant are currently emerging.


Remarkable effect of cannabis roots

And despite that all parts of the plant, like the stem, the seeds, the leaves, the fibre, the flower buds and the resin, are being utilised, the root is completely overlooked. Which is noteworthy because our ancestors were already profiting from the remarkable effects of the hemp root hidden deep under the ground for centuries.


Beneficial effect on human and animal

Only since recently the power of the hemp root has been rediscovered as a natural medicine which can adress many health complaints. For instance in a study in 2008 it was shown that hemp roots have a positive effect on humans and animals with a staphylococcus infection.


Renders toxins harmless

Furthermore the presence of a type of organic molecule called glycoside has been found, which is capable of chemically binding toxins present in our bodies. This renders these inhibitors inactive, making them innocuous to our body.

Hemp-Eaze Hemp Root Therapy

Despite the fact that the hemp root has been used as medicine throughout the centuries, nowadays there are hardly any products made with it available. The small family-owned business Hemp-Eaze at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the United States changed all that.


Healing properties of hemp root

The product range of Hemp-Eaze is based on the healing properties of the roots of the cannabis plant and consists of a series of organic skin lotions and -salves, which according to users have gained positive results in medical conditions like arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and fibromyalgia.


Hemp-Eaze baby

Hemp-Eaze also has developed a bath product which gives relief to aching muscles and joints and which offers an overall soothing and relaxing effect. The products are all based on hemp root and produced completely naturally. Even tender baby skin can be treated with this potent product from nature without risk.


Pet hemp root spray

The root of cannabis can also have healing properties for our beloved pets and relief can be given through a spray with different types of pain, like skin irrations or even with pink eye (conjunctivitis).


Application for every part of the cannabis plant

If medical insights into hemp keep developing at this rate, other companies will undoubtedly, like Hemp-Eaze, shortly rediscover the wholesome effect of the hemp root, which will give the cannabis plant the full recognition it deserves. There is an application for every part of the cannabis plant and all these possibilities are being rediscovered at a rapid pace.

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