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Hemp Lip Care

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Hemp Lipcare, never again chapped or cracked lips!

Your lips are part of the key features of your face which makes the use of good mouth- and lipcare products of major importance. As hemp is known for its nursing and restorative action it's no surprise you can purchase lip products based on this beneficial cannabis plant in our health shop. 


Lip protection for dry and cracked lips

During harsh autumn weather or on hot summmer days without good lip protection all kinds of painful conditions can occur due to your lips having become dry and chapped or even starting to show cracks. To make your mouth look healthy and well-cared for you can choose for care and protection based on beneficial hemp oil or hemp root.


A kissable well-cared for mouth

Because the skin of the lips is very thin and does not produce tallow or sweat it dries out quickly. This makes people continuously lick their dry lips which only serves to further dehydrate the delicate and vulnerable skin. To prevent dehydration and loose flakes the best thing to do is use a good lip balm which keeps the skin supple and gives you a nicely kissable mouth.


Tips for soft lips

The secret to healthy and super soft lips consists of two simple acts: hydrating and scrubbing. Besides the use of a moisturising lip balm drinking enough water is important in order to obtain healthy lips.

To make them extra soft without nasty loose flakes and cracks it is recommendable to scrub the skin of the mouth ever once in a while.


Extra treat by scrubbing

Scrubbing can be done with an old toothbrush or a towel gone coars with which you gently and with circular motions rub the lips. You can also make a scrub cream by mixing a little sugar with honey. Apply the mixture with gentle turning motions. After which you can wash off the mixture with lukewarm water and treat your mouth to a layer of nurturing lip cream or lip balm.


Lip mask based on hemp

Just by circumstances things might still go wrong despite good lipcare, leaving you with painful and coarse lips. In these situations a hemp lip mask can offer a helping hand. A mask is basically nothing more then applying an extra thick layer of nurturing and hydrating lip cream to the mouth.

Leave this healing mask on to permeate for about 5 to 10 minutes and lightly dab off the excess layer of cream with a tissue. This will be a true comfort to your lips and make your mouth look beautiful and healthy.

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