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Hemp Haircare

Hemp Haircare, with restorative effect!

Whether you have dark or blond locks, long or short hair, straight strands or a full head of hair of curls, with haircare based on beneficial hemp everybody can posses a healthy shiny and vibrant full head of hair. The nourishing hemp products are suitable for every type of hair.  

Choosing the right haircare products

The basis for taking good care of hair and scalp is in choosing the right shampoo. When you use aggressive hair products your hair might become dry and start looking dull and listless. To stimulate the hair growth and make your locks shine, choosing the right haircare products is important.


Beneficial and restorative hemp

The natural balance of the scalp, besides from using a wrong shampoo and balm or the use of a hair dryer or colorings, can also be disturbed by outside influences, as for example pollution. Furthermore physical factors, like stress, hormones or an illness can really mess up the scalp as well.


Hemp care for a luxurious full head of hair

In order to restore the natural balance of the body and soothe a stressed scalp it is advisable to opt for extra mild hair treatments based on natural ingredients. The popular trend of haircare products containing the beneficial hemp is accordingly something we are very happy to add to our healthshop product range. Hemp makes your hair shine and provides you with a luxurious full head of hair


Improving Hair Structure

Acquiring healthy hair is dependant on a lot of factors which affect our body. By the correct use of vitamines, minerals and amino acids we can improve the hair structure making for a full and lustrous head of hair.


Stimulate hair growth

In order to stimulate hair growth and keep the hair roots in top condition it is therefore advisable to use nutritional haircare. As hemp is full of beneficial components, that makes this plant ultimately suitable to be processed in hair products.


Why hemp is beneficial for the hair

The oil that is won from hemp plants also contains large amounts of protein and carbohydrates,   besides omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, plus a generous amount of vitamins and minerals , amongst them phophorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, iodine and the vitamines E, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6.

Below is a list which shows what vitamines can mean for our hair and scalp.

  • Vitamin A stimulates cell growth of hair and scalp
  • Vitamin B optimizes cell function
  • Vitamin C prevents hair loss
  • Vitamin D prevents hair loss
  • Vitamin E can alleviate an itchy scalp
  • Vitamin F prevents hair loss, dandruff and split ends
  • The trace elements iron, iodine, zinc and copper make for strong and bouncy hair

As you can see hair products based on hemp contain a large part of these valuable vitamines and minerals which makes hemp oil an important ingredient in the haircare line of Extravaganja and Hanf Natur.


Approach from within for a radiant look

To give the growth of hair roots an extra boost it is also important to approach the health from within. This you can achieve by adhering to a varied vitamine- and mineral rich diet. At our healthshop you also have a wide choice of edible hemp products which can be a true boon to both skin and hair.

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