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Hemp Footcare

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Hemp Footcare, for soft and supple feet!

With hemp you are providing your feet with the care they deserve. Even though your feet are very important and are heavily taxed every day, they are often neglected during bodycare. With hemp footcare you will keep your feet supple and silky smooth and prevent painful conditions.


Prevent dry feet and other foot complaints

Face- and handcare are a regular part of bodycare. To prevent all sorts of foot complaints it is important to include footcare as part of your regular routine. On top of that your feet will feel nicely soft and look much better.


Better walking with the right care and hygiene

With the proper attention to your feet you can prevent problems like dry feet, cracks or callus. Because the skin of the feet does not contain many sebaceous glands, it dehydrates more quickly. It is therefore recommendable to observe good hygiene and treat your feet to a nourishing and nurturing foot cream.

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