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CBD Terpene Oil

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CBD Terps Oil with 100% natural terpenes

CBD Terps Oil is part of a new and exclusive CBD-oil line. This special oil is provided with 100% natural and completely organic terpenes for an optimum effect. It is now possible to choose from various CBD-oils, for instance to promote a good night's sleep or rather an oil which stimulates and enhances the concentration. By adding the right terpenes to the CBD-oil it is possible to develop a CBD Terps Oil that meets the specific requirements of different people.

What is CBD Terps Oil?

This CBD-rich oil is made from the non-psychoactive hemp plant. By making use of these legal hemp buds a ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling is out of the question. CBD Terps oil is provided with cannabidiol, a wide range of cannabinoids and other valuable components. Some researchters refer to the effect of the various components working together to achieve a speficic result as the 'entourage effect', although this effect must still be proven in clinical trials. 


CBD Terps Oil: a different effect

The composition of a cannabis plant determines the ultimate effect. If a plant contains more myrcene, the effect is different than when a plant rather contains more pinene. By taking into account all the different ratios and percentages inside a cannabis plant a specific effect can be created. This way the oil meets the desired characteristics. The CBD Terps Oil does not contain THC-concentrations which are above the legal norm. 

Terpenes from cannabis or other plants?

The different types of  CBD Terps Oils are each indicated by their own colour. This is because the terpenes in CBD Terps Oil can be from the cannabis plant, but also from other types of plants. The CBD terpene oils indicated with a green colour contain terpenes from the cannabis plant. The other colours indicate terpenes from other species of plants. This might be lavender, but also citrus, hop, pine resin and many other species of plants.

Both the terpenes as the cannabinoids of the CBD Terps Oil  are very sensitive to light. To preserve the content of the special vials as best as possible the choice was made for vials made of violet glass almost black in colour. Studies have shown this type of glass offers optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. Thus the high quality of CBD Terps Oil can be guaranteed.


Caution: be careful with animals, not suited for cats!

CBD-oil is also often used for treating various pets.  Because these animals have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, the oil has a similar effect. With terpenes however different guidelines and advices apply.

Research has shown that cats, but also other animals like ferrets, miss the liver enzyme glucuronosyltransferase. This causes the terpenes to be hardly broken down. Which in term causes these components to stay in the bloodstream for much longer.

This ultimately can be hazardous to the health of the animal. We therefore always recommend to only treat animals with CBD Terps Oil under supervision of a veterinarian.

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