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CBD Suppositories

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CBD Suppositories - For rectal and vaginal application!

CBD suppositories are a sort of fatty, elongated cannabis pills with a high level of cannabidiol which are meant to be inserted rectally or vaginally. A suppository is a comfortable solution for people for whom oral administration of CBD-rich oil is problematic or even impossible. Oral ingestion can for instance be complicated after surgery, with throat- or jawbone problems, with vomiting and nausea or with gastrointestinal problems.

Higher level of active ingredients in the bloodstream

Also for people for whom swallowing is complicated or people who are comatose, a supppository can be an option. In addition a higher percentage of active ingredients will enter the bloodstream than with oral consumption.

The way a suppository works

A suppository is made up of a mixture which melts at body temperature, whereafter the active ingredients are released. These active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream through the rectal wall.

The name suppository is derived from the medieval latin word 'suppositorium' which translates as 'placed underneath'.

Easily ordered, discreetly delivered

As with all products you order online at Apollyon, the same applies here: easily ordered, quickly and discreetly delivered to your door.

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