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CBD-rich Hemp

CBD-rich Hemp, from hemp plants with a high level of cannabidiol!

Hemp is often confused with marijuana, but it is definitely not the same. An important difference between both is that hemp contains almost no THC, the ingredient in marijuana that causes a high or stoned sensation. For this reason hemp plants are grown legally in ever more countries in the EU.

Hemp flower buds and leaves

Besides the many applications which hemp has, it is also used ever more often as a natural and beneficent ingredient in health products, foods or drinks.

Making CBD extract from cannabis

The hemp in our CBD Healthshop is extremely suitable for the making of a tincture or cannabis extract, like CBD Oil.

On top of that with hemp products which consist of flower buds, leaves and seeds, you can make tea, brew beer or process it in foods.

The CBD-rich hemp is also suitable for inhaling or to be added to a warm bath.

Dried pure hemp, monoecious or dioecious

The hemp in our CBD Health Shop range consists of dried, pure hemp which is ready for use. You have the choice of female hemp (dioecious) or monoecious hemp (the plants are both male as female).

The female hemp in our assortment consists mainly of flower buds and the monoecious hemp is more a mix of the leaves and the flowers.

The difference between monoecious and dioecious hemp

Monoecious hemp plants are cannabis sativa strains where both male and female flowers are formed on the same plant.  Dioecious hemp is cannabis sativa with male flowers on one plant and female flowers on another plant.

This means dioecious hemp has separate male and female plants, while with monoecious hemp all plants are both male as female. This is also known as a hermaphrodite.

Some applications of hemp flowers

Below we name a few applications of the hemp strains we sell, in order for you to gain an idea about the many applications they have.

Making CBD-rich hemp tea

You can now make CBD-rich hemp tea in a quick and easy way. Fill a tea ball with a little hemp and hang it in a cup with hot water.

For the CBD to be released you need to add a dash of whole milk. Delicious and for soothing of the throat you can add a little spoon of honey. 

Bathing in hemp

For a lovely relaxing bath for instance you can very simply fill an organza bag with dried hemp.

Tie the bag tightly and place it in a warm bath. The oils in the hemp furthermore provide a silky smooth skin.

The smoking of hemp does not produce a high!

Hemp is not the same as weed and the smoking of hemp definitely does not give you a stoned or high feeling, the THC-levels are way too low for that.

Are you inspired? Simply order your favorite hemp in our online Healthshop and let us know which new applications you have discovered for yourself!

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