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CBD Pets

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  1. CBD Pets Basic Set
    CBD Pets Basic Set
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CBD for Pets, cannabidiol-rich hemp and CBD oil

Just like people animals (mammals, fish and molluscs) have an endocannabinoid system (endo means body) with cannabis-like substances and receptors. This system is of utmost importance for an optimum functioning of the body.

CBD-rich cannabis has advantages for animals

Pets can benefit from the beneficial effect that legal hemp offers us, without resistance of thebody. The product doesn't cause nasty side effects. However, just like human bodies, every body of an animal is different too and each pet reacts differently to CBD products. The weight is also an important factor, although that may be vary per animal.

No placebo effect

The fact that cannabis and CBD products actually have beneficial properties is demonstrated the more in treatment of animals. In contrast to people, animals are unprejudiced and don't expect any effect.Therefore, a placebo effect is excluded. The positive results are amazing!

Improve the quality of life of your beloved pet

How the quality of life of our own dogsignificantly improved, you can read at the bottom of this page ---> Medical Cannabis Oil. Her CBD-rich treatment consists of a daily intake of the products from the second set.
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