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CBD Pets

CBD for Pets, cannabidiol-rich hemp and CBD oil for domestic animals!

CBD for pets consists of both cannabidiol rich hemp as well as CBD oil products which are suitable for all domestic animals. Just like humans, animals (mammals, fish and molluscs) have an endocannabinoid system (endo means the body's own) with cannabis-like chemicals and receptors (binding points). This system is of utmost importance for making the body function optimally.

CBD-rich cannabis offers benefits for pets

So this means animals, just like humans, can benefit from the special properties the useful hemp plant has to offer us, without the body reacting adversely and the remedy causing bad side effects.

However with animals it holds as well that every body is different and so can react differently to CBD products. With this the weight of the animal is of importance, although this can also vary per individual animal.

Contrary to humans, animals have no preconceived notions and have no expectations of the natural product. Therefore with animals a placebo effect occurring is out of the question. The positive results are amazing!

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