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CBD Oil Spray

3 Items

12 24 36
  1. Cannapower CBD HempOil Spray
    Cannapower CBD HempOil Spray
     €27.95 €25.16
  2. CBD Spray Peppermint
    CBD Spray Peppermint
     €27.95 €25.16
  3. CBD Spray Orange
    CBD Spray Orange
     €27.95 €25.16

3 Items

12 24 36

CBD Spray, easy to apply cannabidiol oil via spray bottle!

CBD oil is now available in convenient and easy to dose spray bottle. The composition of the cannabidiol-rich oil is the same as the drops and all the medicinal properties have been retained in this spray vials.

Flavoured CBD oil

You can buy the spray bottles with the powerful oil in the exact same original flavour and peppermint flavour as Cibdex drops. As a whole new flavour, vanilla is added to the assortment of Cibdex.

Dosage with a pump

The dosing of medicinal cannabis oil is very simple with these spray bottles. With a pump you can easily inject the correct dose into your mouth. The oil will be atomized and will be rapidly absorbed through the oral mucosa.
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