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CBD Oil Drops

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CBD oil Drops – High Quality CBD Oil – With Drip counter!

CBD oil drops of high quality in amber coloured glass bottles with handy drip-counter (pipette) with which you can drip the liquid CBD oil under the tongue. Because of the simple dosing and the fact you can easily count the CBD containing drops, this is the most common method of CBD ingestion. The dropper bottles are handy to use and easy to carry along. You can quickly and very accurately take a dose of cannabidiol at any given time of the day.

New categorization for a quick choice of drippable CBD oil

In order to make the choice of a drippable CBD oil easier, this category is now divided in four sub-categories. The first sub-category consists of drippable oils in the lowest price range and contains the Silver Line CBD oil from Cibiday. This Silver Line, with increasing levels of cannabidiol, is the most cheap oil which we have on offer in our assortment of CBD drops.

Choice of quality-rich CBD oil drops

The second sub-category contains high quality CBD oil where besides from the Quality Line from Cibiday, you can also choose CBD oil drops from excellent quality from Endoca and MediHemp. In the orderly index you can see at a glance if the drippability of the cannabidiol extract has been improved by adding hempseed oil or olive oil. Furthermore the CBD-percentages are listed in the upper right corner of the product photos.

Exclusive Premium Line CBD oil

Besides inexpensive oils and high-grade quality there is also a choice of Premium oil. This is absolutely unique and extremely exclusive CBD oil which has been manufactured in the most favorable conditions. The hemp plants from which this pure oil is won, are cultivated at an altitude of 1500 meters and contain a multitude of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Free dropper bottles of CBD-oil with large purchases

It is now also possible to get a big discount. With every purchase of 10 dripper bottles of CBD Oil Original from Cibiday, you pay for only 8 bottles. That means you get two pipette bottles completely free!

Are CBD oil drops safe to use?

CBD drops are manufactured based on EU-certified hemp and therefore contain no THC-levels which could cause any mind-altering effect. So it will definitely not make you stoned or high. This means the oil drops can be used without problems by both young and old and by both humans and animals.

How do you dose CBD oil?

Because all CBD-products are made from hemp plants and definitely have no mind-altering effect, the dose is entirely dependent on the situation. This means when the usual two or three drops do not provide the required results, the amount can be raised without problems.

As it happens the quality brands like Cibiday, Medihemp and Endoca include dosing information in their CBD-products these days.

Does CBD oil give the desired effect in everyone?

Just as with regular means there is always a percentage of people in which a satisfying result is not  reached. As a rule this becomes clear within 3 to 4 weeks.

We recommend to try out different compositions of the oil, higher percentages or a different brand.

Ordering in the online Healthshop is easy and often also advantageous

We often offer discounts with large purchases, so buy inexpensively in the Healtshop from Apollyon for a speedy and discreet delivery!

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