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Premium CBD Oil

Premium CBD Oil – Unique First-class CBD Oil - Premium Line

With the first-class CBD Oil from the Premium Line by Cibiday you have got hold of the very best CBD Oil of the highest grade. Apollyon has no higher quality in the selection of liquid oils in dropper bottles.

This unique CBD product of superior class is gained from hemp plants which are cultivated under the most favourable, but very harsh environmental conditions in the mountainous Alpujarra region in southern Spain.

CBD oil gained from traditionally grown hemp

The hemp is grown at great heights on small-scale, inhospitable terraces which are inaccessible to heavy machinery and transport. Therefore the entire cultivation-, processing- and manufacturing method from seed to plant and from plant to premium CBD Oil is carried out completely by hand and in a traditional manner.

Climatological factors of influence on potency

Despite the harsh conditions the growing of plants at high altitudes also brings advantages. Favourable climatological conditions have a significant influence on the formation of important components including cannabinoids (like CBD), terpenes and flavonoids. This works favourably towards the potency of the plants.

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