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CBDA Oil - Cannabidiolic acid – Raw and pure acid form of CBD

CBDA, or cannabidiolic acid in full, is the raw and pure acid form of CBD (cannabidiol), which can be found naturally in cannabis plants. Structurally it is comparable with cannabidiol, only CBDA contains carboxylic acid.

Just as THC is created from THCA, so is CBD formed from CBDA. This process ordinarily occurs after drying or heating (decarboxylation) of the plant material.

CBDA is the acid cannabinoid in cannabis

Until recently not much attention was paid to cannabidiolic acid, but recent studies have shown CBDA to be promising as well and to have even more unique properties than CBD.

Both cannabinoids, contrary to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), are nonpsychoactive and therefore do not cause any high or stoned sensations.

Various brands of natural CBDA-oils with unique properties

Apollyon has carefully composed a selection of CBDA oil containing both the best brands as well as the best kinds of CBDA oil. These are hemp extracts in which both CBD as well as CBDA can be found, if so required even unfiltered, with all natural components of the beneficial hemp plant.

Like we have CBDA oil of various percentages of the top brands Cibiday, Medihemp, Endoca and Golyoli in stock!

Who likes to take their hemp extract as naturally as possible, therefore simply orders CBDA oil in the online Healthshop from Apollyon!

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