Growing cannabis for beginners and experts!  

Cannabis cultivation is possible in different ways, but whether you go outside in your garden, in the wild (guerrilla cultivation), or inside with professional farming equipment (homegrown) there's one thing every pot grower agrees on, there is no better weed than home grown weed!  


The maijuana that you can buy at the coffee shops is often grown to achieve the highest possible yield. More weight in dry buds means more money. During the growth and flowering periods, anything is utilized to gain buds as heavy as possible. And usually they use aggressive and often prohibited pesticides for diseases and pests.


Only when you have grown your own weed will you be able to tell the difference in taste compared to commercial weed. At the end of the flowering stage comes flush time, during which the remains of the given food and other supplements are purged so that you can experience the full flavour of real cannabis.  


Opinions are divided about what the most ideal breeding environment is. According to some experienced growers nothing can match the pure flavour of sun-ripened outside weed, while others swear by indoor grown weed, with the most ideal environmental factors that may be infuenced so that the natural environment of the plant can be imitated as closely as possible.  


So, indoor growing operations are not vulnerable poor summers, and in the winter you can just use special grow lights and continue growing the finest and purest cannabis. You can indoors and climate control complete with lighting and ventilation systems, and besides, you can neutralize the strong odour with carbon filters and other odour absorbers.


The possibilities for growing cannabis are endless, and that also applies to the choice of cannabis seeds. But, whichever method you choose, whether indoor or outdoor, there is nothing like home grown weed! 

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Hennepzaadolie plus CBD

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Cannabis Olie Zelfmaak Set

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