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Golyoli Medi Wiet

100% of 100

Golyoli Medi Wiet CBD plus CBDa Oil, the acid form of cannabidiol ~ New formula of Mediwiet!


Content: 10ml

CBD: 1,4% of wich 33% consists of CBDa (1.70% CBD + 0,46% CBDa)

THC: 0,06%

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Golyoli Medi Wiet CBD plus CBDa Oil 10ml  ~ Contains 1.4% CBD (0,94% CBD en 0,46% CBDa). Mediwiet has released a new formula of CBD oil under the registered trademark Golyoli®, attempting to preserve the valuable CBDa, the acid form of cannabidiol, as much as possible. The bottle contains 10ml of oil of which 1.70% consists of cannabidiol and 0.46% of CBDa.


Retaining carboxylic acid

To not lose the component cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) from the oil, there is no use of heat during the preparation. Because of this 33% is not converted, but is unchanged so that there is a large part of the carboxylic acid in the final product.

Instructions Golyoli

Since CBD is a highly potent cannabinoid, you only need a few drops per day to achieve the desired result. Shake well before each use. Place a few drops under the tongue and wait a while before swallow. The rich substance now has a chance to be absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth after which a noticeable effect will occur in about 10 to 15 minutes that can last for 3 to 5 hours.
You can process the oil in food or drink or just put a a few drops on a teaspoon and swallow. An other possibility is to drip a few drops on your finger or hand and lick it up but keep in mind that taking the oil like this it will enter the stomach first so the effect occurs slightly later.

Extremely low THC content

With a minimum THC content of only 0.06% this product certainly not cause a stoned or high feeling. Because of this, the product is also safe to use for children, older people and animals.

Storage advice

It is recommended to keep the pipette bottle in a dark, cool and dry place. A cool cupboard is sufficient. The product can also be held in the fridge for years, but because of the olive oil, the content will get lumpy. Let it reach room temperature before you use it. And of course, shake well before using.

Contents bottle CBD / CBDa oil

Each dropper bottle contains 10ml with a CBD content of 1.4% of which 33% consists of CBDa. From one bottle about 200 drops can be dosed.
  • CBD: 1,70%
  • CBDa: 0,46%
  • THC: 0,06%


  • Extract of 100% legal industrial hemp plants grown in Europe
  • Olive oil


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