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Golyoli CBD CBDa Oil

80% of 100

Golyoli CBD CBDa Oil Medi Wiet ~ Now you can profit of a quantity discount with 5 bottles Golyoli. This offer means that you get 5 bottles and only pay for 4. So you save €22.50! Per bottle you only pays €18.00


Content: 5 x 10ml

CBD-percentage: 2,1% of wich 33% consists of CBDa (1.4% CBD + 0,7% CBDa)

THC-percentage: 0,06%

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Olive oil
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Golyoli CBD CBDa Oil Medi Wiet 5 x 10ml with FREE bottle ~ Concentrated, unheated oil with a CBD content of 0.94% and a CBDa content of 0.46%. With this offer you get 5 bottles Golyoli and you only need to pay for 4. So you will receive one bottle of oil free.


Golyoli with effective properties

This oil product of Mediwiet is not heated during production, so a large part of the carboxylic acid CBDa is not converted to CBD. According to recent studies it shows that the acid form of cannabidiol seems to possess many effective features which are perhaps even more valueable for your body than cannabidiol.

How to use Golyoli

The use of this product is as simple as its predecessors. This bottle has a dropper too, so you can easily drip a few drops under the tongue. After about 10 to 15 minutes you will feel a noticeable lightening effect that can last about 3 to 5 hours. You can drip several times a day without any trouble.

How do you store CBD / CBDa oil

It is best to keep the bottle in a dark, cool place free from humidity. To store if for a longer period you can put it in the fridge. Before use make sure to let the bottle come to room temperature first. Do not forget to shake before use.

Composition of the oil

Golyoli Mediwiet consists of legally grown industrial hemp and olive oil.
  • CBD level: 0.94%
  • CBDA level: 0.46%
  • THC level: 0.06%
For a detailed description you can view this page ---> Golyoli Mediwiet


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