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Glass Bong Twisted Tube

  • Not only is the Glass Bong Twisted Tube a grafeful design, it is also very functional!
  • The double bubble and twist in the tube force the smoke to travel a longer distance, which cools it further for a better and more flavourful smoking experience 
  • Size: 23 cm / 9.1"
  • Material: glass
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Glass Bong Twisted Tube 23 cm or 9.2 inches

The Glass Bong Twisted Tube has a double bubble chamber and a twisted tube, which both assist in further cooling the smoke and enhancing the flavour and smoking experience of your weed or herbs! The height of this beatiful bong is 23 cm or 9.2 inches.

Adding an extra bubble and a twist in the tube causes the smoke to travel a longer distance before entering the mouthpiece, so it cools some more. Cooler smoke equals better flavour.  

So not only is this bong a pretty piece of art, the design also serves a real purpose! 

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