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Gift Set Marijuana Cap

Gift Set Marijuana Cap ~ The perfect gift for the marijuana enthusiast, including weed cap, card grinder and water pipe in the shape of a bottle. Only available at Apollyon Headshop!


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Gift Set Marijuana Cap ~ A perfect gift that will put a smile on the face of every lover of this versatile plant. The complete giftbox comes accompanied within a durable hemp pouch that has a burgundy red color.


Ideal present for the weed lover

The gift set includes a grinder in the form of a credit card, a water pipe in the shape of a bottle of liquor, OCB papers, a necklace with a pendant that is shaped like a bullet. The pendant has a secret storage space. Furthermore, the pouch is filled with a joint tube to store your burning joint, a luxurious silver lighter with a marijuana leaf in relief and a one hitter that looks like a cigarette.

Including Huf weed snapback

And finally a gorgeous snapback from the skate brand Huf full of marijuana leaves in the color that has the case. In short, the ideal gift for anyone who lives a marijuana-based lifestyle.

Content of the giftbox

  • Burgundy red pouch made from hemp
  • Huf snapback with marijuana leaves
  • Waterpipe bottle
  • One hitter formed as a cigarette
  • Grinder card ishaped like a cassette tape
  • Bullet pendant necklace with secret storage
  • Luxury lighter
  • OCB kingsize papers, slim
  • OCB paper on the roll (4 meter / 13 feet)
  • Black Leaf tips
  • Black joint tube
  • Pipe screens



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