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Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

  • Organic CBD Chewing Gum with refreshing peppermint taste
  • Sugar-free, 100% pure and fast-acting
  • Convenient for on the road and very accurately dosable
  • Content: 10 pieces
  • CBD-content per piece of chewing gum: 15 mg
  • CBD-content whole packet: 150 mg
  • Producer: Endoca in Denmark
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Endoca CBD Chewing Gum 150 mg

The organic and completely natural CBD Chewing Gum from Endoca contains 15 mg of cannabidiol per piece of chewing gum which is derived from 80 mg of organic hemp oil. The packet holds 10 pieces of chewing gum, which have a refreshing mint flavour.

CBD Chewing Gum is a simple and effective way to quickly administer cannabidiol. By chewing for about 20 minutes on the tasty and smartly composed chewing gum, all active ingredients are absorbed very rapidly by the mouth's mucous membranes. This opposed to as for instance with foods, which are swallowed and so end up in the stomach first.

Healthy chewing gum

The cannabidiol-rich chewing gum comes from completely legal hemp plants which are cultivated in an eco-friendly way in the European Union (EU), whereby no use is made of chemicals which could harm humans, animals or the environment. Contrary to most other chewing gums, Endoca  chewing gum contains no artificial ingredients and is also environmentally friendly all-round.

The healthy tasty treat:

  • Contains no sugar
  • Contains no plastics
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Contains no synthetic chemicals
  • Is completely biodegradable


Easy to carry and dose

Endoca CBD chewing gum is not only loaded with CBD, but is also very convenient as well. You can just carry the pack of chewing gum in your bag, trouser pocket or coat pocket, which means you can take your daily doses whenever and wherever you like. You do not need to worry about little bottles of oil leaking or capsules which have broken. On top of that you are guaranteed that the product you are using is good for the environment! As one of the major benefits of Endoca chewing gum happens to be, that it is completely biodegradable. The ingredients in it are all natural and completely break down into the environment inside of several weeks.

Composition of the chewing gum:

  • Chicle from the rainforest
  • Xylitol from birches (/Please keep in mind Xylitolis can be quite toxic to dogs in quite small amounts, so be doubly sure to keep it out of dog's reach at all times!)
  • Wild peppermint and mint
  • Sunflower lecithin from sunflower seeds
  • Hemp oil
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of the hemp plant

The combination of cannabis and wild chicle from the rainforest

By combining chicle with a cannabis extract rich in CBD,  Endoca has found a way to unite two wholly natural wonders of nature. Chicle is an ideal carrier for CBD making it possible to absorb cannabidiol over a longer period of time by the mucosal capillaries in the mouth.

What is chicle?

Chicle is a natural gum derived from the Sapodillas or Chicozapote tree (Manilkara zapota), which grows in the rainforest of Mexico. It has been used tradionally for centuries for making chewing gum and other products. Both the Aztecs as the Maya chewed on chicle as a means to alleviate the feeling of hunger, freshen the breath and clean the teeth. It was also used by the Maya as filling for cavities. The tapping of gum is done in a similar manner as is done with tapping latex from the rubber tree. By making zig-zag gashes in the tree trunk a sticky gum is released, which is then collected in small bags. Some Chicozapote trees produce chewing gum for no less than 300 years. The chewing gum tree itself remains healthy, despite the large amounts of gum being tapped, but will halt producing chicle latex for up to about 6 to 7 years.

Organic symphony of the rainforest

The white, milky gum is boiled after tapping until the water has evaporated and the yellowed substance has reached the right density. Gum trees only produce latex when they grow in their natural environment. They need the complex biological symphony of the rainforest around them in order to be able to develop their magic. Locals that collect chicle are sometimes called chicleros. The word chicle stems from the Nahuatl word for the gum, 'tzatziki', which can be translated as 'sticky stuff'.

How is Endoca CBD chewing gum made?

To make Endoca CBD chewing gum chicle is heated (decarboxylated) and melted together with natural waxes, before it is turned into a gum base. While the gum base is still hot, it is mixed with Xylitol which comes from birches, with wild peppermint and mint, with sunflower lecithin from sunflower seeds and with hemp oil. It is then pressed and shaped into strips of chewing gum. CBD Chewing Gum from Endoca is not only a top quality product, but also an excellent example of sustainability, active rainforest conservation and an honest exchange between humans and nature. This process goes much further than the simple manufacture of chewing gum and reaches all the way from the distribution chain to the end user. When chewing CBD Chewing Gum you are very close to the essence and the spirit of the rainforest, which is often referred to as being the lungs of the planet.

Recommended usage

It is advisable to not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes, before using the CBD Chewing Gum. You are supposed to chew the chewing gum for about 20 minutes. It is also recommendable to not eat or drink anything during those 20 minutes.

Shelf life of the chewing gum

  • Preservable for 1 year

More information

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Cannabidiol (CBD)

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