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E-Smoking Starterspack Premium

Starterspack E-Smoking Premium ~ For people who want to start using the E-Smoking electronic cigarette, this useful starters pack has everything you need.

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Starterspack E-Smoking Premium ~ For people who want to start using the E-Smoking electronic cigarette, this useful starters pack has everything you need.


E-Smoking is the manufacturer of the most popular and best electronic cigarette on the market. Because some people are not familiar with e-smoking, we now offer a complete starters pack. This Premium pack has everything you need to start enjoying your electronic smoking!


Starters pack E-cigarette

In this unique starters pack by E-Smoking you will require to start enjoying the e-cigarette experience, including their very best electronic cigarette, carefully combined in one ready-to-go package.



Quit smoking

The electronic cigarette was first produced in China a few years ago, but since then has grown immensely in popularity. Especially among people who try to quit smoking, because you can choose to smoke without nicotine. But even for smokers who doesn't want to quit, it offers a lot of advantages: your smoke doesn't contain tar or carbon monixide, and beside that you will save a lot of money!


Looks like a real cigarette

The E-Smoking Premium e-cigarette so closely resembles a real cigarette, that it will amaze you for a second. Just like a regular cigarette this e-cigarette measures an exact 8,2 centimeters length and has the same familiar diameter. The big difference between this and previous E-Smoking models is the refill cartridge: each has its own atomizer now. This means a better vape production, which means it is less expensive to use!


E-cigarette capsules

The six capsules in this starters pack are perfect for people who want to quit smoking. These e-cigarettes will help to reduce your nicotine addiction.

- 6 capsules with tobacco flavour:
- 2 capsules with High nicotine level
- 2 capsules with Medium nicotine level
- 1 capsule with Low nicotine level
- 1 nicotine free capsule
- CE and ROHS certified.


This Premium starters pack contains:

- 2 x E-Smoking Premium E-cigarette (battery, the 'white' part - which you can recharge up to 999 times)
- 6 refill cartridges (the vapor capsule, equals about sixteen to eightteen cigarettes)
- USB adapter to charge the E-Smoking Premium via any USB port
- Wall socket charger (110/240 V)
- 1 manual (in Dutch)



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