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E-Smoking Portable E-Cigarette Charger

E-Smoking Portable E-Cigarette Charger ~ Charge your e-cigarette conveniently anywhere in the world with this mobile charger by E-Smoking.

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E-Smoking Portable E-Cigarette Charger ~ With this mobile charger by E-Smoking you can conveniently charge your e-cigarette anywhere in the world. This mobile E-cigarette charger is shaped like a cigarette pack. It also allows to storage your electronic cigarettes inside. 


Fully charged it can charge your battery up to 4 or 5 times.


How it works is really simple. You charge the mobile charger at home or at work, and while you carry it with you, you can charge your E-cigarette battery, whenever you want and at any place in the world.


How does the E-smoking charger work?

- At home or at another location with wall socket power, you charge the mobile unit with the included power cable.
- To charge your E-cigarette on the road, twist the battery into place inside the charger.
- Press the middle button for three seconds (the silver coloured one).
- Your battery is being charged. There are three different charge speeds.
- Besides your E-cigarette battery, this charger also has storage space for 4 E-Smoking refill cartridges




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