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E-Liquid Coconut Koko White

E-liquid Coconut Koko White ~ Let you be guided to tropical bounty islands when smoking an e-cigarette combined with a fresh coconut taste.

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E-liquid Coconut Koko White ~ Let you be guided to tropical bounty islands when smoking an e-cigarette combined with a fresh coconut taste. You can smoke healthy and enjoy the refreshing taste of coconut at the same time with the e-liquid from Koko White.


The ampoules of an e-cigarette can be filled with an e-liquid which is provided with a flavor. The e-liquid is measured out in small bottles of 10 ml and are available in different nicotine levels.
Easy filling with the dispensing spout
All bottles in which the e-liquid is delivered have a useful dispensing spout. So it is very easy and fast to fill a empty ampoule. Make sure that the ampoule is not completely filled up to the top but to a maximum of 75%. A quarter of the ampoule must be free from the e-liquid. You can use the ampoule in the e-cigarette directly after filling.
Create your own flavour
It is very easy to create your own flavours by mixing the e-liquids with each other. Mixing the e-liquid Whiskey with the e-liquid Cheesecake or mixing the e-liquid Kiwi with the e-liquid Chocolate Cream are just two of the countless mixes you can create. You will experience that a lot of surprisingly flavours will arise.
Mix e-liquid with hash oil or weed oil
You can mix the e-cigarette with a drop of concentrated weed oil or hasj oil because of the fact that the cannabis plant possesses a medical effect. It is scientifically proven that weed can offer a healing and beneficial effect for many illnesses and diseases such as: rheumatism, ADHD, autism, pain, glaucoma, diabetes and even for cancer and leukemia.
In general you can use all kinds of e-cigarettes to mix e-liquid with hasj oil or weed oil but the e-cigarettes from Maxi are highly recommended. These e-cigarettes contains a indestructible clearomizer which exclude any leaking of the e-liquid.
E-liquid nicotine level
The force of the e-liquid is determined by the added amount of nicotine. The standard is the total milligram nicotine per total milliliter liquid. The outcome is compared with the level of nicotine in a regular cigarette. When on a pack of smokes is mentioned that it contains 1.6mg nicotine it means that each cigarette contains 1.6mg of nicotine. If the pack contains 20 cigarettes the total nicotine level is 32mg. An e-liquid with a 16mg nicotine level contains 16mg nicotine per ml liquid. So evaporating 1ml of the e-liquid equals 10 regular cigarettes with a nicotine level of 1.6mg.
Nicotine levels
The nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leafs and is added in the e-liquid in different levels. You can choose one of the four levels.
-   0 mg nicotine 
-   6 mg nicotine (comparable with light cigarettes) 
- 11 mg nicotine (comparable with normal cigarettes) 
- 16 mg nicotine (comparable with light cigarettes or shag) 
A 24mg nicotine e-liquid exists and is comparable with heavy shag or a cigar but it is not available at Headshop Apollyon.
Changing to electronic smoking
It is very wise to start with a E-liquid with a tobacco flavor if you want to quit smoking so you can copy the taste of cigarettes and the transmission from regular to electronic smoking will be smaller.
Durabillity of the E-liquid
The E-liquid is durable for 2 years when keeping it in a dry and cool place. A bottle of E-liquid of 10ml equals 60 to 75 regular cigarettes. Of course this is depending of numerous factors as for instance which E-cigarette is used or the way somebody evaporates.
Certificate of TÜV
The E-liquids are checked by the independent organization TÜV on safety en quality and the E-liquids are provided with official certificates and test reports. The TÜV is worldwide renowned because of her independence, neutrality, professional expertise and strict norms.


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