E-liquids, many flavours for electronic cigarettes
E-liquids are the taste components for the ampoules which are positioned in the mouthpiece of the e-cigarettes. The e-liquids are suitable for all e-cigarettes in our assortment apart from the e-smoking.
The e-liquids consist of a basic liquid, one or more flavourings and nicotine. The ampoule is filled with the e-liquid and will be heated up to a temperature that the e-liquid will vaporize. There is no combustion as in smoking traditional cigarettes. When the e-liquid is heated a steam is formed which looks similar to the smoke of a traditional cigarette. Due to this process the feeling of smoking an e-cigarette is the same as smoking a traditional cigarette.
The e-liquid is available in four intensities: 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0mg. The intensity determines the level of nicotine so e-smoking is highly suitable for people that want to quit smoking.

Mix flavours

The many e-liquids can be mixed with each other to create your own flavour. Mixing the e-liquid Champagne with the e-liquid Cheesecake or mixing the e-liquid Rum with the e-liquid Toffee are just two of the countless mixes you can create. Free your mind and create the most ultimate flavours.

Mix e-liquid with hash- or weed oil

Many people smoke a joint or blunt for medical reasons. After all it is scientifically proven that cannabis can offer a healing and beneficial effect for many illnesses and diseases such as: arthritis, epilepsy, menstruation pain, migraine, asthma, depressions and even for cancer and aids. It is also scientifically proven that tobacco as well as the combustion from smoking are very bad for our health. The e-cigarette is the perfect solution.
Besides enjoying the E-cigarette recreationally you can enjoy the e-cigarette medically by mixing a drop of concentrated weed oil with the e-liquid. With this mix you can enjoy all the positive characteristics of weed and use the e-cigarette to the best of its ability.
In our health shop you can find CBD-rich e-liquid ---> CBD e-liquid
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Product 1 to 18 (of 40 products)  Result: 123NextShow all
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      Hennepzaadolie plus CBD

Hennepzaadolie plus CBD

Aanvullend bij gebruik van CBD olie.

CBD Olie

      CBD Olie Online Kopen

CBD Olie Druppels

Vloeibare CBD olie in druppel flesjes.

Pure CBD / Olie Pasta

     Pure CBD Olie Pasta Kopen

Pure CBD Olie / Pasta

Dikke pasta-achtige CBD olie in spuiten en potjes.

CBD Hennep

      CBD Hennep Kopen

Gedroogde CBD-rijke Hennep

De basis / grondstof van CBD olie. Geschikt voor vele doeleinden.

Cannabisc Olie Maken

      Cannabis Olie Zelfmaak Set

Cannabis Olie Zelfmaak Set

Zelf eenvoudig cannabis olie maken met een complete set.

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Hoog Percentage CBD Pasta

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