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Cibiday CBG Oil 15%

  • Contains CBG (cannabigerol)
  • CBG should not be lacking in a natural extraction of hemp
  • Reasonably high content, especially suitable for adults
  • Unique CBG content: 15% (1500 mg)
  • Content: 10 ml 
  • CBG suspended in MCT oil from coconut oil
  • Reliable product, lab tested
  • Part of the wide range of cannabinoid oil products from Cibiday 
  • Producer: Cibiday BV in the Netherlands 
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More information about Cibiday CBG Oil 15%

Dissolved in
MCT oil
Brand name of product
Active ingredients
Cannabigerol (CBG)
Content of active ingredients


Cibiday CBG Oil 15%

This is the second trongest CBG oil from the reliable and unique oil line of Cibiday and the strongest for sale on Apollyon. Why this CBG oil? It is strong enough for all those who have already had good experiences with this active ingredient, but suitable for trial as well. Given the unique and medium strong content, particularly suitable for adults. This special product contains only the pure cannabigerol, CBG for short. This is a less well known cannabinoid than CBD (cannabidiol), but absolutely not less interesting or promising!

Thanks to the cleanliness and purity of this oil, it is ultimately suited for testing in combination with CBD oil. This way you yourself can determine the exact relative amounts with which you ingest both the cannabinoids. As it happens some researchers are assuming both CBG as CBD can enhance each others effects, as they both occur naturally in the hemp plant. This supposed effect is also often referred to as the entourage effect.

Composition of Cibiday CBG oil 15%

The original CBG paste is suspended in healthy MCT oil from coconut oil, making the product easily and accurately dosable. Furthermore it contains only negligible trace amounts of the psychoactive THC, making it safe to use for the elderly, children and animals. A high or stoned sensation is therefore out of the question. Thanks to lab tests on purity and contaminants you can be  sure of this.


How to dose 15% CBG oil?

It is important to build up the dosage over a period of three to four weeks. This can for instance be achieved by the following:

Week 1: Three times 1-2 drops a day (45 mg CBG)

Week 2: Three times 4 drops a day (90 mg CBG)

Week 3: Three times 7 drops a day 10 drops a day (157.50 mg CBG)

Maximum daily dose: 21 drops 


Information on the label

  • 15% CBG (1500 mg)
  • Content: 10 ml
  • 200 drops, 7.5 mg CBG per drop
  • Ingredients: MCT oil from coconut oil, 15% CBG (cannabigerol) from CBG paste
  • Recommended daily dose: 3 times 1-7 drop (157.50 mg CBG) under the tongue
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Shake well before use 
  • Food supplement
  • Food supplements are not a substitute to a varied diet
  • Store at room temperature, in the dark and out of reach of little children
  • Do not use during pregnancy of while breastfeeding
  • Always consult with a physician if you are using medication
  • Producer: Cibiday BV, Dordtsestraatweg 434 C, 3075 BK Rotterdam


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