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CBDa Oil Vanilla

CBDa Oil Vanilla Cibiday 2.3% ~ Effective oil from Cibiday with the wonderful flavour of vanilla for highly pleasant and enjoyable consumption.


Contents: 10ml

CBD percentage: 2.3% of which 1% is CBDa

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CBDa Oil Vanilla Cibiday 2.3% ~ With this cannabidiol-rich oil including its acid form (cannabidiolic acid), Cibiday has made it possible to appeal to the taste buds while undergoing a necessary CBD treatment. The strong, overwhelming flavour of cannabidiol is disguised by the richness of vanilla.


CBD with a seductive flavour

Vanilla has been an incredibly popular flavour for centuries: even Coca-Cola knows to make ample use of it. Since it is considered an aphrodisiac, it is also added to perfume often. In any case, vanilla is undoubtedly one of the most seductive flavours that there is.


Usage instructions for CBDa oil with vanilla flavour

The bottle must be shaken well before each use so that the ingredients in the oil are well blended. Since this oil with carboxylic acid is stronger than CBD oil, only a few droplets will be necessary to notice its soothing effects. You can take droplets multiple times per day.


For the fastest effect, it is recommended that you drop the oil directly under your tongue. Hold it under your tongue for about a minute before you swallow. If the droplets are mixed in food or drink, it will take a bit longer before the effects are felt.


Store in a cool place

Since heat converts CBDa into CBD, it is recommended that you store the bottle in a cool place. It is also important to ensure that it is kept away from light and moisture to keep the quality in the best possible condition.



  • CBD / CBDa oil from certified hemp
  • Olive oil
  • Vanilla flavour

Extensive information about Cibiday CBD/CBDa oil can be found here ---> Cibiday CBDa Oil

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