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CBDa Oil Holy Mix

CBDa Oil Holy Mix Cibiday 2,3% ~ Cannabidiol oil from Cibiday that has remained as pure as possible due to its preparation method and retains valuable CBDa as well.


CBD content: 2.3%

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CBDa Oil Holy Mix Cibiday 2,3% ~ Enjoy a carefree day by spending it with this holy mix from Cibiday CBDa oil. This cannabidiol oil bend consists of a fantastic mix of rosemary, basil, ginger, and turmeric, so you can add a little pizazz to your daily remedy.


More positive effects

Due to the preparation process, which involves as little heating as possible, this oil retains its valuable cannabidiolic acid that is typically converted into cannabidiol. According to recent studies, this cannabis component may provide more positive effects than CBD.


No trouble from THC

The lack of highly psychoactive THC ensures that this oil is suitable for everyone, even for small children or very old people. After using it, they will not feel stoned or high and can continue their daily activities with no trouble.


Easy to use

By using the dropper bottle, dosing it out is very simple and can be done at any moment in the day that you please. Shake the bottle well before each use and then place some drops underneath your tongue. Keep this in your mouth for roughly 60 seconds before you swallow. For animals and children, it can be added to some food to make it easier to consume.


Cibiday oil content

The composition of this product consists of fully legal oil from hemp plants with:

  •        CBD: 1.3%
  •        CBDa%: 1%
  • Olive oil
  • Flavours of:
  •       Rosemary
  •       Basil
  •       Ginger
  •       Turmeric

An extensive description can be found on the following page ---> Cibiday CBDa Oil


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