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CBD Terps Oil Anti-High

  • CBD oil with anti-high terpenes!
  • Lessening a stoned or high feeling?
  • Ideal solution for people that need to use medicinal weed, but do not enjoy being heavily stoned all day long
  • CBD Terps Oil Anti-High is an ideal oil to use alongside a THC-rich product
  • Contains 5% of CBD and a careful selection of 5% of different terpenes from plants
  • Manufacturer: Cibiday in The Netherlands
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More information about CBD Terps Oil Anti-High

Active ingredients
Cannabidiol (CBD) + terpenes
Brand name of product
Content of active ingredients


CBD Terps Oil Anti-High from Cibiday: 5% CBD and 5% specially selected terpenes

CBD oil with anti-high terpenes which decrease the psychoactive effect of THC! The high-quality CBD Terps Oil Anti-High is very suitable for helping to decrease a high or stoned sensation. It might just be that you take medicinal weed for your well-being, but you do not want to be high and stoned all day long.

This oil is ultimately suited for using alongside a THC-rich product. Through the unique composition of CBD Terps Oil Anti-High the effect of the THC-rich product is suppressed in a natural manner. The famous stoned feeling can be significantly decreased through this. This process occurs on a 100% natural basis.

General details CBD Terps Oil Anti-High

  • Content: 10 ml
  • Total CBD-percentage: 5%
  • Total added percentage of terpenes: 5%
  • Total percentage of active ingredients: > 10%
  • Packaging: dropper bottle made from violet glass
  • Suitable for: moments when suppression of a high is wanted
  • Psychoactive effect: no
  • CBD-extract: derived from certified hemp
  • Additives: 100% natural, organic terpene isolates
  • Use in pregnancy: under supervision of a physician
  • Not suitable for: cats, ferrets, birds etc.
  • Use in other animals: always under supervision of a veterinarian


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