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CBD Olive Oil MediHemp

CBD Olive Oil MediHemp 6% ~ Cannabidiol-concentrated oil by MediHemp with a CBD extract of 6%, mixed with olive oil.


Content: 10 ml

CBD / CBDA level: 6% - 600 mg (280 mg en 320 mg)

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CBD Olive Oil MediHemp 6% ~ Cannabidiol oil of MediHemp from Austria is prepared from a pure CBD paste of 30% and mixed with olive oil. This results in an end product which contains a concentration of 600 mg CBD and CBDA (6%) and has a ratio of about 1:1.


Ideal ratio of CBD and CBDA

According to some experts this 1:1 ratio seems to have a great effect on the body of both humans and animals.


Effective CBD Olive Oil in brown tinted glass pipette bottle

The CBD Olive Oil of MediHemp comes in a brown glass pipette bottle which will protect the content from UV-light so that the effective ingredients are maintained as long as possible. The handy pipette allows precise and easy dosing.


General information

  • Contents: 10 ml olive oil with hemp extract
  • CBD / CBDA level: 6% (600 mg)
  • CBD percentage: 280 mg
  • CBDA percentage: 320 mg
  • CBD / CBDA ratio: 1:1
  • Organically grown and prepared
  • Made from hemp and olive oil
  • Originates from Austria



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