CBD Hemp Plants Trompetol

CBD Hemp Plants Trompetol

CBD Hemp Plants Trompetol 5x ~ Five bags of dried cannabidiol rich hemp from plants grown in the Czech Republic. The Trompetol Hemp has a total weight of 200 grams. 

Contents: 5 bags of 40 grams with dried cannabis plants (total 200 grams) 
AQ: monoecious (flax) varieties (male / female)

CBD Hemp Plants Trompetol 5x ~ Five bags of dried, monoecious Trompetol hemp with multiple applications. Each bag weighs 40 gram. Hemp plants are known for their high levels of CBD, while the content of the psychoactive ingredient THC is just very low. This allows it to legally purchase and use hemp products. 


Long history in medical field 

Cannabis is one of the oldest man-improved crops that exist. The history of this particular plant goes back thousands of years. Because of the beneficial ingredients hemp was widely used in medicines. 

Relaxing sleep with hemp 

The dried Trompetol hemp can be a real blessing for every body. For example you can make a fragrant cup of tea, or mix a little in your food. For a relaxing night's sleep, you can fill a bag with hemp and put this in your pillowcase. Because of the heat during sleep, the essential oils in the hemp will be released. 

Recommended amount 

You can use 4 grams of hemp per day, unless otherwise specified. 

Quantity Trompetol 5x 

The set consists of 5 bags Trompetol hemp of each 40 grams, which makes a total of 200 grams. 

Extra Information 

More information about the monoecious Trompetol hemp can be found on the index page CBD Hemp and via the following link: CBD-rich monoecious hemp.


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