CBD oil 100ml

CBD oil 100ml

CBD oil 100ml (10x) ~ €22.00 a bottle!



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CBD oil 100ml (10x) ~ € 22.00 a bottle - It’s better to take one medicine for ten problems rather than ten medicines for one problem! A saying that is entirely true when it comes to medical cannabidiol oil, or in short CBD oil. And, with this saying in mind, we have now extended the opportunity to buy ten bottles of CBD oil at a very attractive price.


Testimonial of CBD oil

If no one else, I know for many diseases, ailments, and discomforts CBD oil can be used. So, this week, just before the weekend, I was overcome by an acute toothache that was so terribly painful, I'd even take morphine if someone would have offered it to me right then. The pain was so unbearable that I just would take a very addictive drug with heavy side effects.  


Toothache pain went through the entire right side of my face from my throat to my forehead. Suddenly, I remembered a conversation a few weeks back with someone who uses medical cannabis oil on a regular base. During our chat, he told me he had dropped some weed oil on this tooth because of an inflamed root canal and the worst pain was gone.


At that moment I knew what I had to do. No medicines and no morphine for sure, i have never used it anyway. But weed oil and CBD oil I have on hand, ready to use for my dog with epilepsy.


Within ten minutes, the pain went away

I decided to start with the THC rich weed oil and dripped 2 drops under my tongue. Within ten minutes I felt the intense pain disappear. However, my joy was gone again soon when, about an hour later, I was again attacked by the terrible pain in my tooth, jaw, throat, and forehead. This time I dosed 3 drops under my tongue and again the pain subsided within ten minutes.


When the pain came back again in an hour, I decided to drop on my tongue instead of under my tongue and gently rub my sore gums around the painful tooth. A few drops on my tongue provided relief as I could quickly feel the pain subside.


After the pain returned again, I decided to use CBD oil. I dripped the oil directly on my gums and on the entire right side of my mouth, and this oil achieved excellent results too. Also this time, it drew back the pain completely within ten minutes.


CBD oil made the inflammation disappear

Throughout the day, and the next day I continued to drip the CBD oil under my tongue and on my gums. The results were amazing! When the pain came back, I could not work anymore. It was so overwhelming, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. But when the drops of CBD oil had fought off the pain, I could go on with everything I normally would do. 


After 2 days of intensive drip, I noticed on the third day that cannabidiol oil had done its work, the inflammation was subsiding instead of occurring every hour. I only needed the CBD oil to control the pain several times a day.


Because the CBD oil had been used so much in the past two days, I realized how important it is to have a ot of CBD oil in your medicine or kitchen cabinet.  Also knowing that CBD oil can work as a treatment for so many other ailments for parents, children, grandparents and animals. Actually, a whole lot of medications from your medicine cabinet could be replaced and supplemented with CBD oil.


Two free bottles of CBD oil

Head Shop Apollyon now makes it possible to buy an extra-large stock of CBD oil, which you can treat all family members safely without side effects, at a savings of €55.00.  That's two free bottle! When you buy ten bottles of medical CBD oil, you will have a savings of € 55.00!  

Dentist Visit
Although CBD oil is able to calm the inflammation and cause pain to disappear, it does not mean that a dental visit can be postponed. Inflammation is a sign to indicate that something is not quite right inside your body. Only a dentist can assess whether further treatment is necessary, and treating the pain does not necessarily mean that the infection is completely gone! 
One of the many success stories
Of course this is just one of the many success stories of CBD oil.  So many more people have found that the medicinal properties of cannabis have also worked to their benefit or still work. For example, patients with epilepsy show a decrease their attacks and people with fibromyalgia finally feel relief from stiff muscles and sleep without interruption.  
For detailed information on the use and sustainability of CBD oil you can click here ---->> CBD olie 10ml <<----


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