Stichting Mediwiet, the Cannabis Clinic

The Stichting Mediwiet (Mediwiet Foundation), founded by Wernard Bruining, encourages patients to enable them selves to combat or reduce their diseases and ailments by using cannabis oil (THC oil) or CBD oil without being stoned. The Mediwiet Foundation promotes self-sufficiency so that patients do not have to be dependent on increasingly expensive health care. Their motto is: "Medical cannabis oil, the ideal folk medicine!"

Sophisticated method of preparation 

Wernard Bruining has studied and eventually refined the method that Canadian Rick Simpson uses for his famous cannabis oil, also known as Rick Simpson oil (RSO). He has ensured that everyone can make this cannabis oil at home in the kitchen. Wernard, by diluting the cannabis oil with olive oil, made it possible for anyone to use it without having to be stoned.

CBD oil is a 100% natural, safe, and legal

In addition to this stimulating attitude to making your own cannabis oil, the Stichting Mediwiet has another motto: "He who saves a man, save the world!" With this objective in mind, the Cannabis Clinic also continues to support customer-made medicinal oil and provides information to anyone who needs 100% legal CBD oil including adults, children, and animals. They see it as a moral duty to care for others.

Affordable and effective CBD oil

As a result, CBD oil from the Mediwiet Foundation is affordable and will not be exploited commercially. CBD oil has been proven to work for many people with many symptoms, diseases, disorders, and discomfort. Their conditions are reduced or even disappear completely by using this ideal folk medicine!
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Stichting Mediwiet History

Around 1994, Wernard Bruining came in contact with some people from the United Stated who were using cannabis for medical reasons. He saw particularly beneficial effect weed had on them and in 1995 he had an idea.  One morning he had a sentence in his head saying: "Mediwiet (medi weed) and nothing else!" 

The Mediwiet logo

At that time, the term mediwiet did not exist, and Wernard hoped to introduce the very positive features of cannabis to people and to make this phrase well known. He designed a suitable logo which two Rods of Asclepius were depicted symbolizing the dual effects of cannabis.  

Symbol of medicine and healing

A Rod of Asclepius is a symbol from ancient Greece that is associated with medicine and healing. The symbol includes a snake that revolves around a staff. The two Rods of Asclepius logo used by the Mediwiet Foundation symbolizes both the physical and mental effects of cannabis.

Owner of Positronics grow shop

At that time, Wernard, the owner of the first grow shop in Europe, Positronics, visited a number of coffee shops and arranged that patients could buy discount marijuana. He was so determined to achieve this goal that he turned his back on other things, such as his wife Yolanda, and was totally infatuated.  
Coffeeshop tour route maps
In 1997 Positronics went bankrupt and Wernard shifted his focus to brochures and maps for tourists to find the best coffee shops. Yet making this special coffee tour route maps did not quite nice to, he wanted to get more out of the loan and not only lead tourists to the best coffee shops.  

Mediwiet and nothing else!

As the year 2009 came along, Wernard knew the path he wanted to follow, the path of medical marijuana, and no other path! Wernard saw the movie "Run from the Cure" on youtube by Rick Simpson, in which people claim to have been cured of cancer using a thick, viscous oil that Rick Simpson calls hemp oil.  

The Rick Simpson method

But, since the method of making Rick Simpson cannabis oil is laborious and, above all, very dangerous, Wernard developed his own method and this helped many people with various medical conditions. The method was successful and Wernard decided he wanted to reach more people.

Medical Cannabis Oil

He went to interview patients and collected all their positive reports, plus his own knowledge in a book form and published it under the name Mediwiet Oil. Almost every week, he discovered new applications and also, every day, new patients came in contact with the amazing effects of medical marijuana!


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