CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass, a medicinal Indica strain!

A weed top with medical properties based on the perfect ratio of THC to CBD - 1:1. Despite their Indica-dominant properties, these seeds grow like a Sativa plant, though they flower like a real Indica.

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CBD Critical Mass, Indica dominant with Sativa growth!

Despite these female weed seeds of the medicinal Critical Mass by CBD Crew being 80% Indica dominant, the plant grows like a true Sativa strain. The relationship of the THC to CBD content in this marijuana plant comes out to a wonderful 1:1.


Critical Mass indoor yield

The harvest, which is ready for plucking after the 8-week flowering period, will be enormous, with beautiful, full buds that tend more towards the Indica side of things. You should be able to get 500 grams per square metre for indoor cultivation under a 600 growing lamp.


Supporting branches with heavy buds

It is important at the end of the flowering period to provide support for the plant with things like posts, so that the branches do not break off from the weight of the buds. However, when attention is paid to this, you will be rewarded with a rich harvest that sends a honey-sweet aroma wafting through the air along with a wide range of other strong scents.


Critical Mass characteristics

  • THC: 5%
  • CBD: 5%
  • Ratio: THC:CBD 1:1
  • Type: Indica 80% / Sativa 20%
  • Indoor weed yield: 500 gr / m² under 600W lamp
  • Flowering period: 8 weeks
  • Cultivation: Indoor / outdoor
  • Seeds: Feminized
  • Aroma: Very sweet / complex combination of strong aromas



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