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CBD Capsules Raw Oil

  • Raw, meaning it contains CBD, CBDa, terpenes and smaller amounts of other cannabinoids
  • Thanks to the capsules you will not experience the typical taste of CBD oil
  • Completely vegan product with a low level of CBD, perfectly suitable for children and animals
  • Very easy to ingest
  • Content: 30 capsules, with 10 mg CBD/CBDa per capsule
  • Full Spectrum extraction, 100% organic product
  • Organic and GMP-certified
  • Produced under pharmaceutical supervision
  • Producer: Endoca in Denmark


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CBD Capsules Raw Oil Endoca

Thanks to these 100% organic capsules from leading brand Endoca, you can benefit from all the advantages of CBD/CBDa oil, without experiencing it's distinctive taste. A solution to circumstances where this might be a hindrance to using CBD. Think of children, animals or people that can not stomach the oil due to it's taste.

The capsules are completely appropiate for vegans in regards to both the container and the content, as they hold a rich collection of beneficial plant components, amongst them terpenes, cannabinoids (CBD/CBDa), essential fatty acids and vitamines. This is made possible thanks to the environmentally friendly and efficient extraction by means of supercritical CO2, whereby no use is made of heating.

This means all the naturally occuring beneficial substances in the hemp plant are preserved, including the acid precursor of CBD, which is called cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). The result of such an extraction is also known as a full spectrum Raw extract.

Help in dosing the capsules

If you still have to determine your own dosage, it is always wise to start with a low intake and gradually increase this until you start noticing the effects. Raising the dosage is done over a three to four week period.

With this product you can confidently start with three capsules a day, spread out over three dosing moments, taking one capsule for each of those moments.

When noticable effects do not occur, you can increase this dosage over three to four weeks to 3 capsules for each dosing moment. This amounts to three dosing moments of 3 capsules each, totalling 9 capsules a day. This is dosing advice for adults. Children and smaller animals as a rule require lower dosages.

These capsules contain a CBD/CBDa content of 10 mg, which makes them suitable for children and medium sized animals as well. Take care though to ultimately dose less highly than with adults, so more often than not less than 9 capsules a day.


Information on the label

  • 10 mg CBD/CBDa per capsule
  • Content: 30 capsules, 300 mg CBD/CBDa
  • Ingredients: full spectrum organic hemp extract, 300 mg CBD/CBDa, omega-3 (1.2 g), omega-6 (4 g), vitamin E (8 mg), terpenes and other compounds occuring naturally in hemp
  • Do not expose to heat or sunlight
  • Foodsupplement
  • Food supplements are not a substitute to a varied diet
  • Store in the fridge, out of reach of small children
  • Produced under pharmaceutical control
  • Producer: Endoca in Denmark


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