Cannabis Salve

Cannabis Salve Mediwiet ~ Wide Operating Mediwiet cannabis ointment to treat minor skin ailments, eczema, insect bites, itching or joint problems.


Contents: 30ml

THC Content: <0.2%





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Cannabis Salve Mediwiet ~ CBD-rich Mediwiet balm. The cannabis ointment is packed in a tube and is thinner in texture than the Mediwiet CBD Salve. 


THC content of <0.2% 

Do not be fooled by the name Wiet (Weed) Salve because this product contains, in contrast to the weed you can buy in coffee shops, an extremely low content of psychoactive THC (less than 0.2%). This low level makes the weed ointment completely legal in all states of the United States and in most countries in the world. 

Applications of the weed ointment 

The CBD-rich weed balm is suitable for the treatment of eczema, for the relief of an insect bite, in order to relieve itching and for many other light skin disorders. 

How to use the cannabis salve Mediwiet

You can use the weed ointment daily or several times a day (according to the skin ailment). Apply a thin layer to the painful area.

Content tube cream 

The tube contains 30ml of ointment with less than 0.2% THC.


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