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There are several types of cannabis oil available, such as CBD oil, which have been manufactured in different ways, from different cannabis strains or from different parts of the plant. And sometimes different types of oil have been given the same (incorrect) name which doesn't make it easier to choose what medical cannabis oil is best to buy. In this information section we will try to create some clarity. 

Difference between cannabis, hemp and marijuana 

Hemp and marijuana plants are not the same, but  they belong to the same family so they are both cannabis plants. Therefore, cannabis can be both hemp and marijuana. 


The biggest difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp hardly contains any THC, the psychoactive ingredient that causes a stoned or high feeling. This ensures that hemp plants can be grown, sold and used legally. The extremely low THC content is offset by a higher CBD content. Both cannabinoids have their own medicinal benefits. 

What cannabis oil to buy

To fully take advantage of the beneficial effects of cannabis, there are different types of medicated oil produced. As a collective name medical marijuana oil, hemp oil or weed oil are also used. In our store and on our website, however, we try to make a clear distinction to minimize confusion. 
The names that generate confusion we have mentioned "incorrect names" with orange letters in the schedule below.


 Type of oil Other names / Incorrect names Status
 Marijuana oil  THC oil, Cannabis oil, Rick Simpson oil, Hemp oil  Not Legal
 CBD oil  Hemp oil, Hemp leaf oil, Cannabis oil, Golyoli, Marijuana oil  Legal
 Hemp seed oil+  Hemp seed oil plus, HZO+, Hemp oil  Legal
 Hemp seed oil  Seed oil, Hemp oil  Legal


What is medical marijuana oil 

Medical marijuana oil, also called cannabis- or THC oil, is derived from all parts of the marijuana plant and mostly contain high concentrations of THC. Especially the buds of the plant (which are for sale in coffeeshops) contain a lot of trichomes where THC is formed. THC-rich oil is not legal and therefore not for sale at Apollyon. But it can be easily made: Make your own cannabis oil 

What is CBD oil 

Cannabidiol oil is extracted from all parts (leaves, flower buds, stems) of the hemp plant and therefore also known as hemp oil. Because of the powerful effect and because of the legal status, this oil is increasingly becoming more popular, and is available in various forms. Further down the text more detailed info will follow. 

What is hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted from seeds of hemp plants and does not have the powerful proportions of marijuana oil and CBD oil, but it does offer tremendous benefits for our body. Seed oil contains many beneficial vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in just the right composition and it ensures a well functioning immune system. 

What is hemp seed oil+

Hemp seed oil plus is regular seed oil with extra THC and CBD added, so this product has beneficial properties of both the healthy ingredients of hemp seed,  hemp and marijuana. However, the THC content is remained below the legal limit, so it can be sold legally. 
Because of this addition hemp seed oil+ has a slightly medicinal effect and may be well used as an adjunct to treatment with marijuana oil or CBD oil. The hemp seed oil+ is creating a base layer of THC and CBD, whereby you simply need  to use less medical cannabis oil.

What CBD products to buy

In our wide range of CBD the products are first divided into type of product followed by manufacturer or brand name. A distinction is made in cannabidiol oil which you can buy in drops, spray bottles, as an e-liquid or in capsule form. And there is a classification by brand name, such as Mediwiet, RSHO, Hemp Honey, Cannabios or Endoca. 
All products that you can find by manufacturers are also divided by type of product, so you can find the same products in both classifications! And to make it extra easy to choose, there are also complete starter kits for sale.


Difference in CBD content 

In the products themselves is a considerable difference in cannabidiol content. In the schedule below, the products (only the drops, spray, and syringes), are divided into medium and high levels. However, the products with average levels also have powerful effects. It is just testing which product works best for you.

CBD-content in capsules 

In the capsules, the concentration of cannabidiol classified as follows:
Low percentage  Average percentage  High concentratie

 Canebe capsules

 Hemp Seed Oil+ capsules

 Cibdex capsules


 Hemp Honey capsules

 Nature's Nectar capsules


Where can you buy medical marijuana oil?

The medicinal CBD oil, also called golyoli, and the hemp seed oil+ are both available at Head Shop Apollyon. The hemp seed oil+ is available in 100cc and 250cc bottles.
- Medicinal CBD oil       - Headshop Apollyon
- Hemp Seed Oil+ (THC + CBD)     - Headshop Apollyon
- Medical Marijuana Oil   

Buy CBD oil (Golyoli) online

CBD oil is processed into various products based on hemp oil so your body stays healthy and ailments and disorders are contested. To buy, click on link --- >> CBD oil << --- 

Buy CBD oil in Rotterdam (79 km from Amsterdam CS)

Besides the ability to order products online, you can also buy all the CBD products in our store in Rotterdam South (Dordtsestraatweg 434A). The store is located near shopping mall Zuidplein and Ikazia Hospital and is easily accessible by public transport. Free street parking is available. 
Our shop in Rotterdam South is 79 km away from Amsterdam Central Station and is easily accessible by train and underground or bus. 

Wide range CBD oil products 

Besides the medicinal oils from Mediwiet, Health Shop Apollyon also offers medicated CBD products from other manufacturers, including RSHO, Hemp Honey, Nature's Nectar, Trompetol and Endoca. Detailed information on these CBD products can be found in the relevant product pages.


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