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Black Leaf 9mm Glass Icebong

Black Leaf 9mm Glass Icebong Black-White


Height: 35cm




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Black Leaf 9mm Glass Icebong Black-White 35cm ~ With 9mm wall thickness throughout, an extra thick mouthpiece and reinforced 'Down-Pipe' mount this bong not only expresses toughness, but also is a very attractive glass bong. 


The 'Bong Bowl' with SG 14 grinding has black & white glass beads on the rim, to act as a 'Roll-Stop' function. The SG 19 / SG 14 'Down-Pipe-Adapter' has 6 'Slit-Diffuser' at the intake end. In the main tube, there are three Ice-Notches, which are also coloured black. 


The 'BL' 'Black Leaf' logo is prominent on the neck of the bong and the 'BL' 'In Weed We Trust' logo can be seen on the bottom of the water-chamber.


Product Details

  • Colour: black, white & clear
  • Motif: 'Black Leaf', 'In Weed We Trust'
  • Height: 350mm
  • Diameter: Ø 50mm
  • Sure Ground: SG 19 (18.8mm) / SG 14 (14.5mm)
  • Wall Thickness: WT 9mm
  • Materiaal: Borosilicate glass
  • Brand: Black Leaf


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