Dab Mats

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  1. Oil Slick Sheet
    Oil Slick Sheet

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Dab Mats, 100% non sticky pads and sheets!

No more wasting your precious cannabis concentrates like the very sticky shatter and other sticky hash oil. These special dab mats, sheets and pads make it easy to work with sticky concentrates without having to struggle to scrape off your precious substance.

Take advantage of the many benefits of silicone pads

Because the dab mats are made of flexible silicone material it allows to easily remove the most sticky BHO with all convenience, regardless of weather. It not only prevents the material from sticking, but is also heat resistant up to 450C (842F). Furthermore, the material can be used safely in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer.

Decide your own length with the Teflon Oil Slick Sheet

The role of Teflon Oil Slick is a disposable version and a perfect replacement for stick-free / parchment paper. You can decide the desired length yourself and cut off the piece with a scissor.
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