BHO Extraction - Making Hash Oil

Butane hash oil, or simply put hash oil, can be created in a fairly simple way. All you need for this are some weed buds or cutting waste, a for this purpose built BHO extractor and butane gas.

Note that butane is highly flammable!

The method to make hash oil with butane may be very easy but it's very important to realize how dangerous this extremely flammable gas is. Since butane is twice as heavy as air, it can accumulate on the ground when ventilation is inadequate which can lead to very dangerous situations.

Good ventilation, no smoking and no open flames

Good ventilation during the extraction of hashish oil is required. Furthermore, it goes without saying that there should be no smoking or open flames while making BHO. If you have the opportunity to make your cannabis concentrate out in the open air then this is preferred. Otherwise observe and act on these precautions at all times. Use your brains and fully concentrate on what you are doing.

Making BHO with extractor

Because hash oil is a concentrated weed product with a very high content of THC, making it is getting very popular among cannabis users. The final product consists of a sticky oil of which the content levels are so high that the product can be referred to as almost pure. The high can therefore be compared to nothing, this is the ultimate top that can be achieved.
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