Blaze Glass 6-Arm Perculator Coolbong

Blaze Glass 6-Arm Perculator Coolbong

Blaze Glass M&M 6-Arm Perculator Coolbong Combi 5mm


Hoogte: 62,5cm




Blaze Glass M&M 6-Arm Perculator Coolbong Combi (5mm) 62,5cm ~ This product is part of the 'Bong Builders kit' from 'Blaze Glass'. We have put together this combi from the 'Mix and Match' series. 


This 'Blaze Glass' M&M 6-Arm Percolator Coolbong Combi consists of: a water conical chamber with 'Kick-Hole' & Rubber Grommet (BLA-U3), a 'Mid-Tube' Section with a 6-Arm Percolator (BLA-Z3), a top tube with a black cooling coil and coolant (BLA-6-35), 2 'BongClip'® (BC 45), Down-Pipe Adapter with Diffusor (BLA E2) und glass bowl (BLA-K2). 


All 'Mix & Match' Bongs from Blaze Glass can be flexibly extended and in addition, the cleaning is easy because you can disassemble in seconds.


All parts of the M&M range are interchangeable & available individually as replacement parts, or to build up your own super bong. Making your own super bong from the Bongs Builder Kits could't be simpler.


Product Details

- Colour: clear & black
- Brand & Logo: Blaze Glass
- Height: Assembled 625mm (Top Piece: 350mm, Connecting Piece 210mm, Lower Part: 180mm, minus 2x 40mm for Ground Connections)
- Diameter: Ø 50mm
- Sure Ground: SG 18.8mm, Inside-Cut, Bistable & SG 45mm
- Wall Thickness: WT 5mm/li>
- Accessories: 2x SG 45 'BongClip'®

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